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Specs on 18v impact?

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  • Specs on 18v impact?

    Do you have the specs on the new 18volt impact? I've heard somewhere around 1700 inch/LBs. And is the right angle drill in the new 4pc combo 18v or 12v?

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    Jeff, I guess you haven't noticed that Brandman isn't listed as one of the Moderators any longer. That's a bad deal for us, he was the most active of all the moderators It looks like his forums have been taken over by the least active of the Moderators.
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      THat's about right.


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        Hey Ridgid readers and posters, In response to the request for specs on the "18v impact", is the question in reference to an 18v impact screwdriver or to a hammerdrill? I've been lobbying Ridgid for an 18v impact screwdriver vs. the existing 14.4v model because all of my other portables are 18v. If Ridgid has an 18v impact screwdriver available, please confirm this to me. I'm ready for one yesterday. I'm hoping..... Thanks and blessings, Denny.


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          I think it's called Marketing. They'll put the 18V on the shelves as soon as they've sold all the


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            I picked up 5 piece combo kit today it contained the 18V impact driver, I got this kit at Home Depot in Georgia

            The specs on this driver are
            18V DC
            Variable Speed Switch
            No Load speed 0-3200/min
            Blows per minute are 0-3050 BPM
            Torque Maxinum of 1450

            To be honest it looks like the exact same driver as the 14.4V but it is slightly improved.


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              How much does it weigh? Did they throw in a led like the Makita and Bosch? How is it improved over the 14.4v?

              I've got the 5 piece Ridgid on order, but am considering combos from other brands as well.


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                Well as improved over the 14.4V I can't say that it is has been very much at all. The RPM range is slight faster 400rpms, it has bit more torque 50in/lbs. It weighs slightly more than 14.4V maybe a few ozs. But in every other facet it looks just like the 14.4v. There 14.4V impact driver had the highest listed torque spec at 1400 in the market place so it is already a leader.

                At the shop we have a full set of Hitachi tools and we have the LED light has hardly ever been used at all. Its a cute feature hardly used at all.

                I was also very torn between the Dewalt, Makita, and Hitachi.

                I think for its lifetime warrenty and value (especially the 5 piece combo kit) I chose the Ridgid kit.

                Tho I wish Ridgid made a nice portal Wet/Dry Shop vac like Dewalt, and Radio/CD/Charger with a 12V to charge my cell phone and tripple charger pack so I can carry that with me.

                Oh btw once last suggestion is pick up the 12V angle impact driver HD has them on sale for 69.99 with battery and charger. I have since yesterday used both them equally in a late nite project and loved them.

                For Ridgid if they read this .. Flashlight is not so useful I would like to see something better :-P


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                  Even if to some people the 18v impact driver isn't much atleast with your 18v combo you have plenty of batteries. I have five batteries so i'm happy! Atleast you bon't have a tool that comes with only one battery and you're also buy and extra charger, which i don't need right now. So I am pretty happy with thier 18 impact driver. Mine didn't come with the bit, but I have plenty anyway.

                  Go visit Ryobi 18v iMpact driver
                  Since ryobi and Ridgid are made by the same mother company then it was only a matter ot time for Ridgid to make one too. And yes i know that dewalt and a few other tool brands have an 18v impact driver.
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