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18V Cordless Hand Planer

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  • 18V Cordless Hand Planer

    I had an opportunity to see the new 18V Cordless Hand Planer this morning and I was amazed to say the least. IMO the appearance and feel of the plastic used on this tool seems like the kind you would find on a cheap toy, one drop and it would shatter. I hope that I’m wrong and that is not the way of the future for Ridgid.


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    I’d didn’t mean to offend you JW, maybe the one at the local HD is a prototype or something but the overall appearance of the plastic utilized is what we might describe a generation ago as “looks like it was made in Japan”. Like I said in my original post “I hope that I’m wrong”. Do you have any problems with snipe? I have the corded DeWalt and I just can’t get the technique down to eliminate snipe on that sucker, I mostly use it for trimming doors where the imperfections wont show.

    Good luck with your new tool.