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  • Ridgid Flip Top Stand

    Was wondering if the Flip Top Stand is still available anywhere from Ridgid...seems to have disappeared from the site, both HD and Ridgid. Was hoping to find one.
    Anyone know if it has gone by the wayside?

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    They are still in the stores. I saw a box of them just the other day in HD but they were not with the tools. The display was in the isle with the shop vacs and air compressors, not where I would expect to find them.


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      Same thing with the HD here, they keep them by the shop vacs. They are a great stand, I haven't used my roller stands since I got mine.
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        The Flip Top Stand (AC9933) can be found in It is also in the HD stores.
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          Thanks guys,
          Found 2 in a HD. Weird thing is, it is no longer on the HD web site, all the HDs around me were out with no reorders scheduled. A comp search found several in a HD not far away, but no other, and there was only 4 left. Salesman says they are a very popular item and seemed strange on the no restock.
          Thanks again,


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            Sounds like a change in the color scheme again. IIRC this happened the last time they changed the color of the FlipTop Stands about a year ago.
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