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Ridgid 18v drill on huge sale

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  • Ridgid 18v drill on huge sale

    Hi all,

    Not sure if this is the right forum, and not sure if everyone's already aware of this....but Home Depot in both Canada and the USA has the 18V 3/8" cordless drill on sale (Canada HD just put it on sale today--in store only). In the USA it's $99 (regular $199) and in Canada it's now $149 (regularly $249). I just traded in my 12V which I bought for $170!


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    This is a really great price for a 18v drill BUT, the 3/8 chuck is a real pain. Great, I guess, for the average guy doing weekend DIY stuff. Actually it's a bit overkill, since the extra weight makes it nasty to do extended work with, especially anything above chest height. I found even the 14.4v drill heavy in this scenario. Still, with the lifetime warranty (make sure you register kids!), it really is a sweet deal.


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      It is a bit heavy, for sure...then again it's got the auxiliary handle, so that helps.

      What did you not like about the 3/8 chuck?


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        If you want to use self feed bits and bigger hole saw arbor bits you need a 1/2" chuck. Also, generally speaking 3/8" chucks are often crappier quality than 1/2" chucks. I think a 3/8" chuck on an 18 volt really doesn't allow you to take advantage of the 18 volt's versatility because of it's increased power. My opinion of course. But then again if you're just drilling screws or using pilot bits the 18 volt with a 3/8's chuck will suit your application fine.


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          How long ago was this sale? Is it over?

          My brother-in-law bought the drill for my father-in-law about 2 weeks ago. He paid $189.


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            The sale is still on in Canada, but I believe it ended in the USA about a week or two ago.


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              i got 1 of these deals for christmas, it came with the drill the 20 minut charger, the handel and 2 bataries, awsome deal. my mother bought it for me.
              she sed it was the absolute last 1 HD had. and she sed she got it like 2 weeks befor christmas.


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                Great Deal !

                Home Depot has a 4 piece 18V combo kit on for $299

                Includes : 18 V hammer drill
                12 V 90 degree impact drill
                18V Flashlight
                18V Circular Saw
                2 18Volt Batteries
                1 12Volt Battery
                Dual pack rapid charger
                Ridgid Carry Bag

                Sweet toys !! Great price too: