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  • Is there any way.....

    To find out about up and coming products from rigid????

    I want a cordless impact but cannot find any info if they're being developed or not.

    My buddy has the impact from makita and it's awesome. But my loyalty lies with rigid... How long my loyalty is going to last I don't know I needed that cordless 18v impact yesterday!!!!

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    I dont know of any power tool company that list what tools they will be coming out with...I guess they want to suprise the other brands


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      I've found if you check Ridgid's main site, they announce new tools---most of the time, though, sometimes you'll see a magazine article before hand.

      However, I will say brand loyality isn't going to assure you of anything. Ridgid puts out a pretty good jointer, oss, etc., but wouldn't touch their lathe with a 10 ft. pole. Delta makes great table saws, but wouldn't touch their cheapy miter saws. All the brands have their strengths and weaknesses.