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Ridgid R350CHA vs Pasload 30° Cordless Framer

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  • Ridgid R350CHA vs Pasload 30° Cordless Framer

    The Test - Build a 20' X 25' roof over the pool deck 12' in the air.
    The material - 2X6 rough Hemlock for the joists, 1 X 6 rough Hemlock for the planking
    (It's what was cheap at the local mill)
    How the roof is supported is another story
    Both guns used the same box of 3.25" Pasload nails.
    The air regulator was set at 110 PSI and the drive depth was adjusted a few clicks up from Max
    Both guns easily sank the nails below the surface of the wood, with the exception of hitting some knots that deflected the nails off course or left them 1/2" proud of the surface (Hemlock is a hardwood).
    My Ridgid is only about a pound heavier than the Pasload but after running the Ridgid for about an hour and then switching to my buddies pasload it really seemed much lighter to me.
    (Ridgid 8.4 LBS Pasload 7.3 LBS).
    The hose can be a PITA depending on the task, toe-nailing the joist - PITA, fastening the decking - no big disadvantage.
    The size (much smaller) of the Pasload made it easier to tack on the 2X8 cedar facias board from the roof, tried with the Ridgid but just couldn't get a comfortable, safe grip.
    So we are at 2 - Pasload (joists,facias) 0 - Ridgid.
    Nailing down the 1X6 decking is what separated the men from the boys. This is where the Ridgid shines above the Pasload. In bump fire mode I could plant nails between 1.5 and 2 times faster than the Pasload. In part because the pasload is a sequential only gun and the Ridgid holds twice as many nails as the Pasload. I really like the loading method on the Ridgid, drop in two strips pull the guide back and fire away, the Pasload require you to unlock first then load the nails then pop the guide back.
    It seemed like the pasload was always in need of more nails at the worst time, with 80 nails to fire the Ridgid was always ready, I would be able to drop in 1 or two strips while I was waiting for the next plank to be fit, we won't count the times the Pasload gun ran out of fuel.
    The Ridgid likes it's air, at 0.14 cuft per nail you can use more air than a small compressor can supply, mine is an oddball 7 gal 3.4 CFM unit and if I was firing nails it ran continuously.
    Dropping 60 nails in 30 seconds is easy and that would use 8.4 cuft or 16.8 CFM of air so I had to slow down at times to let the compressor catch up. If you were doing decking where you drop about 10 nails per sqft I would suggest a bigger compressor than mine.
    Overall the Ridgid is a nice gun, it fits well in your hand and does not transmit as much vibration to your hand as the Pasload does.
    Each gun has it's place on a job site