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Where's the side handle?

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    Hope this doesn't mess you up, but mine is G0329 (00098) and has the handle in front of the clutch (opposite of mr man's). Purchased October (I think) in California.

    Works great.


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      Sorry I havn't been able to reply. I have the 3-pc combo kit, and my hammerdrill says G0344, so I guess all the new ones have that number. By the way, my box says the drill has 510 in-lbs. I think 485 must be an older rating, and has no conection with the side handle.


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        Our 4 local Home Depots do not yet have the 3 piece combo set with the new, revamped drill. They only have the 4 piece sets. One of the HDs has one of the 18v drills (by itself in a case -- don't remember the model number off hand) that is the new design with the handle behind the clutch ring. Ours will probably be the last stores to get the newer ones in.

        Still no word on what changed "internally" to go from 485 to 510 in-lbs?

        [ 01-19-2004, 08:39 AM: Message edited by: George ]


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          George, I was plum lucky to just by chance pickup the 3pc. combo with the "new" drill, I wasn't looking for it. The local HD here is in the middle of a very wealthy suburb (even though I AM NOT!) so maybe they have a higher demand and started drawing from the stock at RIDGID HQ. or maybe I am just lucky. Since buying my combo I have looked everytime I am in to see if they have anymore, I can't find any! They're probably depleating the stock of returned and refurbed combos first. No one can be sure, but I LOVE MY TOOLS!!!
          When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!!!


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            "Lucky" are you sure? You are on the Ridgid site, around here new is bad old is good....


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              Just for the record a friend of mine still has one of the combos that has the handle in front. We did some informal test and it was determined that the handle in front would rotate in the collar when a kick bask occurred and the new one would not. Other than that the power was about the same testing by feel and some rough timing of tasks. I personally like the handle in the back better but it seams to have some problem going into hammer mode but not much. All in all I think both are good tools


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                rrmcbride, I should have explained the rest of the story. I originally purchased a 3pc. with the handle in front, it was making some decidedly nasty sounds in 2nd gear and the gear selector switch wouldn't lock into 2, it wanted to drift back to one, so I returned it. That's when I got lucky and picked up the new model, with handle in front, no nasty gear sounds, and PLENTY of torque!
                When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!!!


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                  The wife and I decided to drive up to Nashville this past Saturday to shop and pig out on catfish at our favorite catfish place and I decided to stop at the big Home Depot across from the Cool Springs mall. They had the 3-piece combo set with the new revamped drill! The four HDs in my area still do not have them. Don't think I hesitated for a moment. I now have my first cordless tools. Walked out of there with a grin ear-to-ear. Plan to try them out next weekend. I think that I'm going to enjoy them more than I ever thought I would. I just couldn't pass up that warranty offer.

                  But I have to agree with some other posts that I would like a case. Maybe Ridgid will make one available as an aftermarket accessory?????

                  Going to be drilling through some masonry too with my new R5010 hammer dril my Wife gave me for Christmas.

                  Arr, Arr, Arr!!


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                    I have a 4 pc combo kit purchased 01/20/2004. it was purchased in Peoria , Illinois. The handle is behind the clutch. The date code is G0348. G0344 appears to be the crossover.