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Where's the side handle?

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  • Where's the side handle?

    Could someone please tell me why the picture on the Ridgid site shows the side handle behind the clutch? I know that it is in front, but why does the picture show otherwise? The old picture was, I believe, correct.

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    Mr. man, Brandman?


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      They must haVE MADE A DESIGn CHANGE.


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        wow thats wierd I wonder why they changed it. I hope there isn't a problem with the ones we own although I'd rather Have the side handle further away like it is now, don't you think. I will be looking for these new drills though unless these are just cad drawings that aren't accurate to the production drills. Brandman do you know what thats all about?


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          I saw the drills at the local H-D, and they did have the handle in front of the clutch. Personaly, I think it feels better, and looks better that way. I think the pictures might not be very recent.


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            I just bought my new Ridgid 18v 3-piece combo kit. The side handle is behind the clutch, and it actually looks better than it would have in front. It even feels pretty good. I have to say, this feels like the highest quality drill, and cs that I have ever handled. I don't now where all these people with problems are coming from. There's no smoke, even in hammerdrilling, there's no brake clunk, there's no problems with the chuck, the batteries and the charger are working great, it is just such a great drill. Same goes for the saw and the light.

            [ 12-18-2003, 12:12 PM: Message edited by: Ridgidtoolguy ]


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              I don't think the hammer drills have the clunck because of the split chuck.

              I saw some of the newer looking drills in depot today myself. It seems to make the drill look better... the handle says Ridgid on it now, and its easier to get your hand on the chuck to make adjustments on it with the handle attached.


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                Looks like I'll have to go check out the new drills and see what I like better...Nice thing about the 90 days.

                Still seems funny that they made what I think is a major change in the design so soon...Now we will have to refer to what drill we have not only by voltage,chuck size but handle position also...

                My handle in front has a date code of G0337 what is the date code on the handle in back ones?

                PS installed garage door in barn using drill and 7/16" driver...never had driver come lose..


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                  Sorry, can't find the number on my side handle. Maybe the old desighn was getting some complaints, and that's why they changed it. There is one thing, though. The black paint on the chuck comes off pretty easily, so now there is a part where you can see the silver of the metal quite clearly. Oh, well. I still think they are the best tools you can buy.


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                    Not the number on the handle the number on the drill....on the sticker on the right side...

                    I just got back from my HD and they don't have any of the newer ones in stock yet...


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                      What is the difference between the old and the new model?


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                        It seems to be the location of the side front or behind the clutch...

                        If you look at different pictures of the drills you will see some of each...We are thinking the newer ones have it behind the clutch...


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                          I check out one of my other HDs today and found a guy wearing a TTI shirt that wanted to help me!!

                          I asked him if they had any of the new drills in stock yet. The ones with the side handle behind the clutch,,,he didn't know what I was talking about he hadn't heard anything from headquarters about there being a change...

                          I told him to check out the pictures on the Ridgid site and to come to the forum and read about it....Hope he does....

                          [ 12-21-2003, 06:19 PM: Message edited by: rrmcbride ]


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                            I bought the 3 piece combo about two months ago and it had the handle in front of the clutch. I ended up taking it back and getting the MW combo instead. One of the things I did not like about the Ridgid drill was the fact that the handle did not reposition easily and that it had a tendency to spin off the drill when you were trying to turn it. It was also a bit difficult to get your hand behind the handle to turn the clutch. Maybe this change was made to address these issues. However, it seems odd that such a dramatic change would be made so early in the life of a product. The different photos can be seen by looking at the Ridgid site and also at the HD site. The HD site shows the handle in front of the clutch. On the Ridgid site the handle is now behind the clutch. Interesting.


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                              WOW, thanks for the info. I read this post a few times in past and didn't know what it was referring to. I just checked out Home Depot & Ridgid site. I agree. This is a pretty significant change for a 3 month old tool, I agree. Makes you wonder what other bugs they didn't think through in their designs.