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    Originally posted by BrandMan:
    KellyC - to answer your question these outlets that will have availability of product other than Home Depot are professional tool houses. In the Dallas area this would include Big D Tool Supply. RIDGID tools are sold in most all STAFDA account. STAFDA is an organization of professional tool and fastern distributors that are committed to selling premium products and backing the products with factory trained service. You can look for places throughout the Dallas area to review RIDIGD tools via our distributor locator here on
    I checked the locator and it is down. Thanks for clearing that up. The new distributors will definitely end the age-old problem of only one store carrying Ridgid.
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      I am in the New York/Westchester area and I am having trouble finding stores that say they will carry the Ridgid tools so that I can check them out when they arrive. 3500 sounds like an awful lot of stores. Does that includes some of the majors like Grainger or something? Where can I specifically find the new power tools? Thanks.


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        All of the HD stores will be carrying the new Ridgid tools, whether they know it or not.

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          Its over! Rigdid did sell out and its for the worst! The lifetime warranty went to three years and the handsome gray color scheme went to a painfully ugly hunter vest orange! I mean, what were they thinking! SMall tools can be bright colors, but a bandsaw! Let's see how their sales do NOW!

          I have all the primary Ridgid tools, just got the lathe when it was still good. I am hoping to get the Jointer with lifetime warranty and before it goes to that horrible orange gargage!


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            The real test of the new distribution system is AMAZON.COM. Will the new tools be there?


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     I'll be surprised if the HD's that are supposed to carry them will have them. The only ridgid stuff you can reliably find at HD are shop vacs and screwdrivers.


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                The pictures on the net don't do the tools justice. They are not a bright orange, but more like a dark burnt orange color.
                The benchtop stuff Looks much better in the new colors, but of course thats subjective.

                If they went with grey on the hand tools, then they would have looked like Porta Cable.


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                  mr man,

                  Where have you seen the new tools at? Do you work for Emerson? You seem to know an awful lot about them.
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                    In portable tools, I see orange as an advantage (safety and cleanup). If it is "too B&D", you might be a little too brand-conscious. If you know what the tool can do, what are you worried about? Are all the other girls wearing yellow this year?

                    In stationary tools... well, I'll wait to see 'em, but if the price and specs are there, I see the orange as a primer coat.

                    I wouldn't let $8.00 worth of spray paint stop me from owning an "ultimate" saw.


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                      I wouldn't call our color a burnt orange. Burnt orange would look like rust, and we aren't that end of the color specturm Mr. Man.

                      As for outlets - yes, the Depot stores will have it. Yes, outlets like Grainger, Ferguson, and others will have it too. If on-liner's are interested, as in the one mentioned earlier in this thread, we would be happy to talk to them if it makes sense.

                      Squid - we aren't throwing away anything. We also are not attempting to be everything to everyone and allow our products to be priced shopped. We offer value - but it is in the form of performance, reliability, and design. I hope that you will take a look at the tools and judge them on these merits not solely on where they are sold.

                      As for finding a distributor other than Depot, I believe that the web team at RIDGID.COM has the distributor search engine back up and running. I would suggest that you can find another outlet through this web page.

                      Tough - I know how well we stack up and exceed DeWalt. The true test will be when you put our cordless product in your own hands and see for yourself.

                      Mark IV - I hope our paint isn't just powder coat for you. But - if it turns out to be, thanks for having an open mind and view the tools on their merit and not just the color of their wrapping. Let me know what color of Krylon you use.


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                        Let me first say that own a tool buy just about every major tool manufactor. I have to commend Rigid for there really listening to the customer and upgrading there products. I have been in woodworking a little over 3 years and Rigid has upgraded there table saw on two separate occasions. I have not seen other table manufactor do this. We ask for a t-slot and we got it. We complained about the crude method of adjusting trunnions and they fixed it. It is my hope that the new line of tools will be just as good as the previous models. I am skeptic but I will keep a open mind. Hopefully with this new emphasis on the new line the HD stores will market the tools alot better than in the past. So far Rigid has put out some outstanding products with no one to market then. Hopefully this changing of the guard will be just what the doctor ordered. I have always recieved great customer service and performance from my Rigid tools. Until they prove to me that they are no longer capable of this I will stick with them. I can only speak from experience but Rigid has done alright by me.


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                          BrandMan, nothing I have seen or heard tells me the quality or performance is better than the original line or even as good for that matter. However, I do appreciate a Company Line when I hear one, this one sounds familiar. I have to be suspicious when manufacturer goes overseas and the warranty goes from life to a year or three. In addition to hurting americans just like me who are trying to earn a decent living, we are becoming increasingly dependant on a bunch of folks who really don't like us very much and take every opportunity to tell us so.

                          I don't need any new tools at the moment but the folks on this site seem to buy a lot so I'll wait for the reports to come in.

                          As for suppliers in my area I have the big Orange box, pick a shade, and Grainger which tends to be overpriced and exclusively industry oriented. I'm not even sure Grainger sells the larger equipment like Table or Band Saws.


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                            I would certainly hope that from having only one media event thus far, some press releases, and the web site that there is not information or tales of us skimping on quality. We haven't. The features, benefits, quality is all there - and in most instances enhanced.

                            There are only a select few power tools still made states side. Power tools, like every other market is a competitive industry. People who buy the product in suveys have shown, time and again, that there is not an open willingness to pay a premium for made in the United States. They want performance, features, and a fair value.

                            There is a shift out there, because of all the choices we have that makes us change what drives us to buy a good or service. I know that is not the same for everyone. Goes along with shopping at Wal-Mart versus your family owned drug store (for example). We are all looking for value.

                            The fact is, RIDGID has aligned itself with the best manufacturing, sourcing, and logistics teams to bring this new line to market and be competitive. If we came in priced in excess of the established tool lines there are a few that would pay more for Made in USA - but the majority would not. We wouldn't be competitive.

                            We all promote this in simple forms like owning stocks - mutal funds, or even having our money in the bank. These investments are all looking for profits and that forces companies to look for alternatives and stive to be more productive. Granted - this factual but I realize I am offering you up my opinion on the whole thing.

                            The warranty when you read it - is just about the same as the Full Life time. The difference is the period. After a while on a full lifetime you aren't just going to get your parts replaced - there is normal wear and tear and misuse of tools that factor in. However, the promotional warranty on the site - LIFETIME SERVICE warranty is the best thing going. Take a look at what is covered. It doesn't get any better than that.

                            Squid - there are several places in your area where you can get product besides at Home Depot. Grainger can special order anything that is not in their system from RIDGID for you. In Denver, Ferguson, Aviation Supply, Rungee Tool would all be willing to help you with selecting a RIDGID tool.


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                              I have to differ with
                              nothing I have seen or heard tells me the quality or performance is better
                              ... after all, Brandman has been telling us exactly that. He sounds like a man who believes what he is saying.

                              I have done some heel-kicking and foot stomping on the subject myself, but only when there was a total info vacuum. This party line sounds pretty good to me... if they are telling the truth, quality is still the goal and this is truly a high-end positioning. They would not be very smart to make this claim and follow it up with junk. People aren't that stupid and neither is Ridgid.

                              I am looking forward to the new tools regardless of color (like red or yellow is way better), although I would still paint over the stand on the TS. I would give them the chance to prove themselves before writing off a helluva deal.


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                                Brandman, thanks for the response. I'm afraid I don't take to change very quickly, been burned too many times. I'll just wait until the hardware has had a chance to prove itself. Who knows, by the time I need something Ridgid may be the best going.

                                Most of the distributors you listed really aren't the kind that the average home shop type would tumble to, at least they don't actively go after our business. They seem more oriented to industrial sales, but I'll keep them in mind if I need something HD doesn't support.

                                As for keeping jobs here, I think what I read on this site is evidence there is a market for American made. If you want an example of a death dive in the eyes of craftsmen, look at Sears (no pun intended).