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  • Here they come!

    Working on getting the new product line up on the website, and the first thing we did was start this area in the Forum! Stay tuned over the next several days, as big changes will start becoming visible.

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    Glad to see this new area. We'll be watching for the good news!
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      I'm going to be very interested in seeing what the new line is all & specs soon?
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        You will soon be able to see and read about the new full line of portable electric and battery powered tools on the web site. We hope to have all the information in place by early next week.


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          Doesn't do a bit of good to see them on a website if they are not available in the store. Will the relationship with HD and their stocking philosophy become better with the new set up in manufacturing?



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            It's encouraging that Ridgid is anouncing new tools but as far as I'm concerned the company has now scrapped it's previous reputation and most prove itself all over again.

            I can go to our local Tool King outlet and do a side by side comparison of all the best woodworking power tools except Ridgid, for that I have to go the HD and from the discussions presented in this forum we know what I can expect there. I recently bought my TS based solely on Ridgid's reputation, if I was in the market today I expect I would be the proud owner of a Jet or a Grizzly not a Ridgid.

            Ridgid has apparently locked itself into a contract with HD that prohibits sales through other outlets, not very smart. However, if Ridgid is willing to invest some field reps to the cause I expect they could turn around what I is likely going to be a sadly depleted customer base.

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              I am a big fan of the current RIDGID lineup, but how is RIDGID going to compete with the DEWALT cordless product?
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                That won't be the hard task...try competing with Makita, Bosch or Milwaukee.
                Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                  Thanks for the posts. First a quick comment on availability. RIDGID power tools are, and will be, available through over 3,500 wholesale distributor outlets and 1,600 + Home Depot locations in North America. While this list may not include every regional tool house or wood worker supply - it provides broad coverage.

                  We believe you will be impressed with the revamp benchtop and stationary power tools. I am confident that you will be impressed with the new corded and cordless power tools. We benchmarked the competition and have created a best-in-class offering in every category. We didn't take on a brand - we worked with professionals to gain their insight as to what would make the best power tool - then exceeded their desires.

                  Lastly - there was a post about representation. We have that taken care of and you will see RIDGID tools well represented as they roll out in the next few weeks.

                  Thanks again for participating in the RIDGID forum.


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                    From what i see they look good. but.... is this just a ridge design, and are the motor and gears and the clutchs and so on built by emerson or are they (ryoby). if they are going to compete with makita and hilti and milw, they have to hold up. but if there built like b&d the homeowners brand (firestorm) well.....


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                      Just today 2 guys came into my shop . they are wood workers. the man told me he is very pleased with his mitersaw and the stand that is portable.i donot know much about wood working tools just the few i fix. the one that impressed me was a hitachi. they dewalt always come in with bad motors. so i cant wait to open up one of these and see how it ticks.


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                        Originally posted by BrandMan:
                        First a quick comment on availability. RIDGID power tools are, and will be, available through over 3,500 wholesale distributor outlets
                        What kind of outlets are these? Does this mean I can see them other places than HD's in Dallas soon?
                        Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                          KellyC - to answer your question these outlets that will have availability of product other than Home Depot are professional tool houses. In the Dallas area this would include Big D Tool Supply. RIDGID tools are sold in most all STAFDA account. STAFDA is an organization of professional tool and fastern distributors that are committed to selling premium products and backing the products with factory trained service. You can look for places throughout the Dallas area to review RIDIGD tools via our distributor locator here on


                          Being the brand guy - I also want to comment on some earlier posts about giving up on our past efforts. The RIDGID brand hasn't given up, never truly has in its more than 80 years of existance. While outlets may have decided to give up on a particular model of tool because of volume, we are still committed to placing our brand on the finest tools designed for the both the professional and the tool enthusiast.

                          I think that all of your will agree that if nothing else we have improved our reputation when you get to see these tools in mid September.

                          For the time being - check out the features and spec's here on the newly redesigned



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                            I have to admit I'm a little skeptical. When I first look at the tools I can't help but think Black and Decker. I also am wondering how all these tools where "engineered" so fast, or are the designed taken from new business partners with new plastic and a longer cord. I can remember less than a year ago the moderator of the woodworking page flat at denied that Ridgid would ever get into the portable power tool market. Either he was lying, or the dozens of engineers working on these tools were working overseas. I'll stay tuned and look for reviews.


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                              The program has been in development for over two years. We obviously couldn't chat about it to keep it a secret. Can't let the competition know our every move. We had countless engineers, manufacturing experts, and buyers working 24x7 around the world to put this together. The additions of our lighted cord set, 12 foot all rubber cord, fast charging batteries, and other features are the direct result of countless end user interviews and surveys.

                              We are committed to this offering and providing the best tools possible.

                              Looks are one thing - performance is another. I think you will agree after you get to put your hands on these new tools that they aren't B&D, they aren't anybody elses... THEY ARE RIDGID.