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Lithium batteries?

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    9 YEARS of research??? i wonder whats the result...??? he he he


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      Read about it here


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        Read about it here

        Was missing the w in power in the above link


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          Very good point Battery Guy. I totally forgot that the Milwaukee batteries were Manganese based and not Cobalt based cells. Therefore there is no risk at all for plating. Hence the reason the packs are so safe. Lots of tech talk in this thread. Not so much as to let secrets out though.

          I just decided to troll the boards and plant some seeds of information. And clear up some misinformation about batteries. I have a feeling that some people from the BIG RED MONSTER are posting here.

          It is very surprising to see that the batteries are made by Canadians, I guess that is why the packs work so well in the cold (Igloos and all). It must me the mad cow scientists making these freaking crazy 28V packs.

          Week End Warrior.............WTF!! R U stalking me?? I don't really do much woodwork other than household repairs but I did get a full set of 28V tools to play with and as a great man once said "THEY ROCK!!".

          Have a nice day.


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            Hey SmartA$$,

            Where the hell did you get your V28 tools. It is my understanding that the tools are not readily available and I would love to get my hands on a set. Please fill me in on where you purchased them.

            I have a quick question on lithium ion cells, do you know if you can trickle charge them?



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              lol, sorry smart a$$, didn't mean to sound scary, will not hound you for an autograph, can you comment on memory on these new ion batteries, are they safe to top off, or would they develop a memory. I'm not all that interested in how a tool works only that they do the job well so I tend to have a limited knowledge on this kind of thing. Would be very interested in the 28v skil saw. Thanks smart a$$.


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                According to the manufacturer there is no memory effect with the lithium battery. Also the tools available for purchase are the drill, circ saw, sawzall, light, band saw and impact driver. Expected to be ready at the first of the year is the Rotary hammer and radio with many other tools in the pipeline. This is from Big Reds official web representitive. They are the only manufacturer I am aware of that actually has three or four people authorized to give tool owners official answers.

                To those who don't know where to buy or order them check your local trade distributer. There is a waiting list as demand has far exceeded expectations. Don't know about the trickle charge but I believe you can leave them on their charger indefinatly without damaging the battery.
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