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14.4 impact driver

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  • 14.4 impact driver

    brandman still to this day no driver. i wanted it for christmas but guess not any new info.

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    There is a guy selling them new in the box on Ebay. His username is purpledeb1428. he has sold 3 of these in the last couple of days for $100 and $105. I bid on one auction and of course a sniping turd swoops in wins at the last 2 seconds. Keep an eye out on this Ebayere. I am under the impression that the impact driver sells for $169 so this is a pretty sweet deal.


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      I guess there is your answer, they local HD had them, but some guy "bought" them and is selling them on ebay for cheaper than cost, to get into the christmas spririt!

      ON a serious note, if you have not seen it yet, you will see it very soon.


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        I often wonder how many of these new, hard-to-find items that end up on Ebay are stolen. Maybe some crooked distributor's employees out there stealing them off trucks to sell online...stranger things have happened I'm sure.