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    I received the new Ridgid trimmer for my birthday in April.

    I have a bunch of tools that were compromise purchases. Good, but not great tools. They were purchased to perform a function, but a little awkward to adjust or use. Price versus quality is a always a dilemma. I keep buying Craftsman drills, because they are so darned inexpensive. They don’t last too long, the chucks slip, but they drill holes and drive screws and on sale they are really cheap. My 9.6 volt Makita right angle drill puts Craftsman to shame.

    I have some tools that really feel wonderful when I use them. Last Christmas I gave myself a top of the line Bosch jigsaw. What a joy to just hold in my hand. When I stared using the new Ridgid laminate trimmer I got that same feeling of satisfaction. The tool feels great in my hand. The light weight kick started my imagination. I began to think of all the ways a light, powerful, mini-router could be used in my shop.

    It has soft start and variable speed control. The soft start is exceptional. It fits my hand and is well balanced. So far I have only used it as a trim router, but it has performed wonderfully.

    I know that professionals, who use tools for long hours everyday, buy tools for durability and feel. As an amateur, I have had to compromise on many purchases. The Ridgid R2400 is a really an exceptional tool. For only about a hundred dollars, you get both a great tool and joy of ownership. I don't know about reliability yet, but so far this is well worth the investment.

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    Aren't tools fun!!!

    Glad to hear you like your trimmer. Just don't overload it in trying to be too versitle. A tool that gets used infrequently, really cuts through concerns about duribility. Of a bunch of tools purchased 16 years ago, some junky old Chraftsman sanders are still going, though the belt sander finally was too much trouble to use as the belt tracking wouldn't hold true.

    I will say, however, the most expensive tool is the one you have to keep replacing. I bought an old Black and Decker corded drill many years ago (they don't even make this model any more under the B&D brand). Aside from replacing the power cord, it's never given me a problem. The same with a Makita cordless. Yeah, I paid a bit more, but not having the tool die on you, during a project-----priceless.

    I think you may have gotten a taste for good tools with your Bosch jig saw. While you can talk about an amateur's needs for tools----with jig saws and routers, there's a vast difference between cheapo bargin models and the better built models. Not having to fight a cheap tool is also -----priceless.