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    Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to the tool game. I'm so new infact I don't even have any tools yet. I want to know from everyone, no BS (BullSh#$)involved...what should I buy? What is the best our there for combo kits and individual power tools. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. By the way I'm down here in Toronto Ontario Canada.


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    I was about in the same boat as you for about a month or two. I decided I wanted to get a combo kit from any of the manufactures (Bosch, DeWalt, Ridgid, etc) for my new woodworking hobby. First got the DeWalt kit, but the safety switch on the circular saw wasn't to my liking, it's sometimes difficult to engage and had problems switching the speed on the drill. Returned the DeWalt kit and was contemplating on the Ridgid or the Bosch kit. Went with Bosch because of the reviews I have read and the positive scoring on Lowes' website. In addition, the kit came with a jig saw in addition to hammerdrill, circ and recip saw, and flashlight and I was able to get a good deal on the kit (about $400). As for the Ridgid, the lifetime warranty was what attracted me, but with the newness of the tools and the weight and usage, it did not agree with me. Also, Ridgid's drill has a two-handed chuck that I didn't like. I prefer the one-handed chuck design like bosch has. The quality of the bosch seems pretty good and am happy with my purchase.

    To me, there really is no one "best" tool out there as everyone's taste and experiences are different. The best advice I got from a friend of mine is that if the tools don't feel right in your hand, you are more likely not to use it. Hopes this helps.


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      Following along the same lines----buying a combo kit-----well, you simply may not like the way all the tools feel or perform---that's the advantage of buying from different manufacturers. Also, I should add, that battery powered tools have good uses, but may not be right for every situation----if you're building a deck or shed, think you get pretty tired of dealing with a battery powered circular saw, due to changing batteries and lower torque, etc.

      There are simply some tools which, after you see what you like and are willing to pay for, you'll need no matter what-----drill---corded and battery, circular saw, jig saw, sanders (ROS, belt) and assorted hand tools.

      Then, simply start off picking out a basic project or two and buy tools needed for that project. In the mean time, get some basic woodworking/home improvement books and do some reading.


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        Hi Jones - I agree with the statement that there really is no definitive best in any one category. There's winners, sleepers, and losers in almost all tool categories, and each manufacturer has their showcase tools and some Less than stellar performers. The names that compand premiums are Delta, Jet, Powermatic and General for WWing tools. For carpenter tools - Makita, PC, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Bosch, etc., but Skil offers that wormdrive circular saw that seems to be an industry standard, while the rest of their line is aimed at happy homeowner (IMHO of course). It's a tough world to figure out. You really have to research them one at a time if you really want to make the best choice. To make matters more complicated, what's best for me might not meet your needs.

        I don't want this to sound sarchastic because it's intended to be sincere, but I think asking for opinions on tools on a Ridgid forum might get you some slightly biased opinions. Kinda like hanging out on the Jeep forum, asking for opionions of SUVs. You might try asking the same question on sites like,,, or Some of these forums have WWing and carpentry threads. Good luck with your hunt.


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          Hey thanks for all the excellent feedback. I really appreciate it a lot. I'm a pretty smart guy and have always thought that when the time came I would pick the right tool for the job. Now I can make a smart choice and I won't regret it. Everyone has been great in thier opinions and some of the biases have been expected but hey what are ya gonna do right! Any other opinions would obviously be greatly appreciated.