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You guys have a radio/charger on the way?

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  • You guys have a radio/charger on the way?

    If so, plz give it GOOD reception! (ie. DEWALT sucks)

    Also, the digital display is nice (Milwaukee)

    I just bought the 4 piece 18V Combo, and in the field, the radio is definately a convienience...being able to charge your batteries in the radio your listening too.

    Anyways..was just wonderin...if and when Rigid is gonna produce a Jobsite Radio.


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    Dewalt has a patent on a radio that runs off of the battery, and can also charge it.

    The Milw radio does not charge the battery


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      The Milwaukee radio doesn't charge the battery, but it sure r0x0rs teh b0x0rs. [img]smile.gif[/img]

      A bit of advice, Ridgid designers: If you do this radio, get in bed with some name-brand in the audio world (like Milwaukee did with Rockford-Fosgate), and build something that will put out quality sound over the background noise of your power tools working.

      When I was on night shift, stocking hardware, I used to crank that Milwaukee radio up to the point where the Tool Corral was uncomfortable. [img]smile.gif[/img] The DeWalt radio, charger or not, can't touch the Milwaukee musically.

      You have a great charger, guys. If you're going to do a radio, make it about the music.


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        Two questions:

        Is your last name Osborne?

        Are you one of those that are called "piney's"?


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          Here's an idea for a radio charger that may work...

          Build the charger and radio in two pieces that would "dock" together. Either the radio or the charger could be plugged in and run the other, OR, if there is a battery in the charger, allow it to power the radio when docked. You'd have to make each component smaller because of size when put together, but i sure think they would sell given the right price.


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            how bout keep your charger, buy a good CD player, and plug them both in at the same time. Duh [img]smile.gif[/img]


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              Because sometimes there is no power to use, which is why you have a radio that is powered off the batteries. DeWalt has the nice setup because when the battery runs down in the radio, pop in a fresh one, or plug it in that night and have a fresh battery, or use it as a regular charger and listen to the tunes while only taking up on plug.


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                I do not understand this charger thing. I have the Milwalkee radio. It has a pass thru plug so plug the charger in it and it will charge the battery. The DeWalt sounds terrible,sound quality is what I want in audio. The Red radio is well made,has excellent sound,cd/tape input,case in the back,12v plug and runs for hours on the battery. If you have the tools you have a 1hr charger or Ridgid has 1/2 hr already. The modular idea is a good one but you still need a power supply to charge anyway? I love this radio and I have DeWalt cordless tools but if you compare the two I can not see why you would buy the DeWalt,if you had Milwalkee tools too. Ridgid needs to have an audio design the sound as was said before.


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                  Milwaukee just came out with a new one that takes 3 batteries, from 12 14.4 to 18 volt, its cooool,



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                    The multi- bay Mil. charger is not a radio but looks like one. It charges 3 batteries.