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  • Finally...

    yesterday we had our Hardware roadshow for the Christmas season. And we finally got to handle the new tools coming out this year. Like the V28 Milwaukee and the Lxt 18v Lithium Makita tools. Both of wich are shipping to our stores starting next week. And the best news(for me anyways) is the HD has exclusive rights to both for the first 6 months on the market.

    The V28 tools have awsome power. for about the same weight as the 18v tools. While on the other side, the Makita LXT tools have about the same power as the other 18v tools. But they weigh the same as the 12v tools from Makita.
    Both of them are great tools and I cant wait to start selling them.

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    I hate to burst your bubble Jeff, but I have seen both of those tools in other stores already.



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      Which means that for 6 months there will be no competition and the tools will be overpriced.


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        I have owned and used Milwaukees 28v drill for several months. The strength of this tool is one notch short of unbelieveable. It is as light as my 18v. Someone in marketing has been pulling your leg about exclusivity as well as market release. I hope they are not telling the same story to the general public or that would be fraud.

        The 28v has been available to the general public since April of this year. The Makita has been out for about a month I think.
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          But without all the hype who will pay the high prices for the tools before they become outdated in one year? I'll wait until my wallet can handle that kind of weight lose.
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          "If a Monkey can do your job, are you in the right profession?


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            Sorry guys, as far as the exclusiveness of the product. It is for the bigbox retailers only. They have already been available through certain suppliers. But you won't see them in a Lowes or any other Home improvement retailer until after the holidays.


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              Originally posted by Rafael:
              Which means that for 6 months there will be no competition and the tools will be overpriced.
              I don't think $729 for the V28 combo kit is over priced at all. But I guess that all depends on how you look at it.


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                The Milwaukee 28 volt lithium battery series has been available
                here in San Diego County, California @ Dixieline Lumber for about the past 6 months, while Dixieline may not be as big as H.D., Dixieline does have 11 retail locations. Home Depot has
                17 locations in San Diego county. There are two Lowes stores
                in San Diego county.

                [ 10-25-2005, 08:56 PM: Message edited by: jaco ]


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                  Once again. That would be like saying McCoys here would be our competition. They have the Milwaukee sets too. But at a much higher price than we do and they do not have the buying power or the foot traffic the HD,Lowes, or WalMart even would have.
                  There will be a shortage of these kits by christmas, Not because of the tools, but because of the batteries. This info I got from the regional Milwaukee rep himself.
                  HD has already got their initial orders shipped and backup orders heve been placed.
                  Being as how TTI owns Milwaukee now, who do you think will get first choice of product if the shortage happens. This of course is just my opinion.


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                    Anything new from RIDGID? Specifically a radio/charger or an 18v impact wrench (not driver)?

                    Anything new at all?


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                      The only new tool I have seen lately is the corded belt sander.