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Dewalt's Newest version of the Miter Saw..

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  • Dewalt's Newest version of the Miter Saw..

    I was in HD and Lowes lately and noticed that HD had the dw708 (dewalt compound sliding miter saw) on sale for $549...I thought not bad....When I went to Lowes, I saw it on sale for $499...I thought wow...if I was in the market for a CSMS I would do the 10% thing at HD and get a good saw for a good price.....

    More to the point...
    I said to myself...hmmm, something is up for them to mark the saw down and I found out.
    While on a job, had to make a HD run and saw the new saw. The dw718 is a CSMS, that is supposed to cut 6 1/4 crown standing and cross cut 2x14's...
    HD has a hand out on it and it accepts some kind of laser attachment that is adjustable. The saw looks really sweet but the price is now $649...

    They also have newer version of the 10 and 12 inch compound miter saws....
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    I've been waiting for mine to hit the store foer three weeks now. I'v already sold all of my old displays and Dewalt is dragging their feet on shipping the new ones.