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    I want a Ridgid radio/charger .When will I see one ? Thanks Jim

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    You wont see a radiocharger from Ridgid or anybody else until the lawsuit between Bosch and Black & Decker (Dewalt) is settled. Let Bosch's attorneys see if the Dewalt patents will hold up. Why invest money in something that will get you in court? Stand back and see who wins this one.


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      I thought that The yellow BD had a patened on that set up..Well how about just a radio....


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        I was also wondering the same thing. I had a Milwaukee radio and it blew up, long story. (POWER COMPANY). Just bought the 4 pc. combo set and wanted to get a radio, since I am all Ridgid now. After reading everything on this forum don't know if I did the right thing by purchasing Ridgid. Previously had Milwaukee. RIDGID??????


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          I like your posting name. Me too.

          You cant go wrong with the Rigid pipe tools and vises. They also have some very good specialty tools. This professional is glad he stayed with "Big Red" for portable electric and cordless power tools.

          Yellows got a charger on their radio where as Milwaukee does not. However its sound quality is not there.. Reds sounds much much better. Bosch has the CD player and a GFCI four way which is nice but its sound is the worse of the three. I was on a jobsite last week where we were able to put them side by side. Red won with yellow second and blue finishing third. Blue does have a very nice protection system around the whole thing which is better than Yellow or Reds.

          It will be interesting to see oranges answer to the radio battle.
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            I had the yellow radio, 2 actually. Now I have my Bosch and I wouldnt trade it for anything. Mine has better sound than most home stereos, probably because of the integrated "Bosch Sound". Im happy with it.


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              Ive been in new construction for a long time and in two different states. And have never seen anyone have to turn off there radios or had OSHA say otherwise. There are hours of opperation and usually minimal on sunday if any and thats it.