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Batteries for life?

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  • Batteries for life?

    Hey, I heard that the lifetime warranty meant "batteries for life", but there seems to be communication on this website that under the warranty, each battery will only be replaced once. Surely I would use more than two batteries over the course of my life. What's the deal?

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    Originally posted by grey44ghost:
    This is a definitive post by "Brandman", one of the administrators of this forum, who also just happens to be the Director of Brand and Channel Marketing for the Ridge Tool Company:

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    posted 10-24-2003 07:35 AM
    Kcarl, The batteries are covered!
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    This is followed by this post by "kcarl" who asked the question in the first place:

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    Sorry about running this issue in the ground. Looks like the question was answered in the following link:;f=18;t=000025

    Sounds like you can't go wrong with Ridgid. Gee, I wish I had a few k$ to replace all my crapsman power tools.
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    Be sure and click on the active link in the last quoted post above. It has the best responses of any. Hope this answers your questions on battery warranty.


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      My question then would be why would a Ridgid rep, as posted on this website and not corrected by anyone, tell someone that the battery can be replaced only once? Is only the ORIGINAL battery covered for life, and then not the replacement? Also, all those replys are fairly vague when it comes how exactly the batteries are replaced. Is Home Depot replacing them, are they being shipped, what's the deal? The lifetime warranty seems great, but there is a lot of conflicting information floating around. Please let me know...


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        Someone on the site awhile pack posted that a rep said it would only be replaced once, I stated that the rep was wrong.


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          I have a home depot flyer, that I picked up last week at HD, that says under Ridgid tools "Batteries for life."