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    I say

    Milwaukee vs Makita Sawzall....



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      If anyone has been contemplating checking out one of the new Makita 18V Hammer Drills, this appears to be an excellent price.



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        More on Makita New tool news


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          Hey Plumber, take a look at jaco's link........

          Also, who said I work for Makita?? Think and Get your facts straight before you type......

          I dont have to prove the performance compared to the red boat! It speaks for itself when you use them in all applications! Try and you will see for yourself! Thats all I have to say on that! Try it, try it, try it.............


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            Sheesh, you are making a lot of claims. Many of which have been misleading, to be polite.

            How long have you been professionally using tools? I recently purchased the "red boats" newest saw and have no need to purchase another reciprocting saw. You have made some outragous claims and this tool user simply wants you to back them up with facts. You claimed to have a set of independent testing results including model numbers, so why not just post them or give us the web address.

            Look at the dates on the posts and then your replies. I thought you had already embarrassed yourself to silence with your wild yet ignorant claims on other posts.

            Yes it looks like Makita might finally have a decent reciprocating saw for use. Are you happy now Packers? I have been using quality reciprocators probably since long before you were a gleam in your daddies eye so just can the attitude son.
            Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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              That was very good information. Thank you.
              Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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                I don't know. Granted Makita was a pioneer of the cordless drill, and cordless tools in general, i don't know that their quality has gotten worse per se, there are just more product lines out there that are if not just as good, better. I think in a lot of ways one is paying for the name these days. Similar to IBM now for computers.


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                  Today I just purchased a new Makita JR3070CT Reciprocating saw (AVT) from Tool-Plus off the Web for $125.50 (shipping included).
                  When I receive it I will post a small review.


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                    Also, please let us know the country of origin as stamped on the tools identification tag. Thanks.
                    Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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                      Hi Plumber,

                      I downloaded the Manual off the Makita website and the manual
                      says the tool is made in China.
                      But once I do get the tool I will verify it.

                      I have noticed and maybe I just was one of the last to find out
                      that some of Makita's tools are now being manufactured in China.

                      The new Hypoid saw is from China, the basic 7 1/4" saw circular
                      saw is from China, The new recip saws are from China (99% sure), I picked up the Makita hypoid to do dirty cement cutting
                      for $89.00 NEW. That's when it hit me to check on the country of origin and sure enough Chinese made.

                      The MXT Cordless 18 volt manual omits the country of origin.

                      Talk to you soon.


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                        I think we all know who packer works for, but I will wait till the dust settles on this one. Milwaukee (USA) vs. Makita (China) mmmmm
                        Unless you are the lead Dog, the scenery does not change...


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                          I have a delivery date of July 25th for the new AVT Makita Recip.


                          Received the saw on the 25th.
                          Yes the saw is made in China.

                          Will give some simple observations within a couple of
                          days as I try it out. Overall finish looks to be on par
                          with the other major players in tool world. I might add
                          that the metal tool box is made of heavy gauge metal
                          at least 18 gauge. Case and loaded saw weigh about 25 lbs.

                          [ 07-26-2005, 05:54 AM: Message edited by: jaco ]


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                            Now I work for them??? You guys are funny!


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                              Okie Dokie.....The Review of the Makita Recip. Saw.

                              I was going to get into a writing a huge review.
                              I'll keep it simple. I paid about $126.00, shipping included.
                              Flashly color packaging. Super heavy duty metal box and inside layout is decent with room to spare. Outer clasps could use beefing up. One blade included with manual. The tool is made in China.

                              You can keep a 6 inch blade loaded and shut the case. The saw motor is rated as 15 amps. The weight of the saw is a tad under 10 pounds. With case this thing weighs about 25 pounds total.
                              During the past month I cut wood, nail embedded wood, cast iron pipe, tree limbs and so on. The saw worked without problems, no noticeable hesistation when applying normal pressure, as in cutting the cast iron, I beared down and the bugger lagged a bit. But as I became more reasonable in applying pressure so did the tool's response. Replacing blades is an easy task. Adjustable/removable footplate is very easy to adjust. Variable speed dial with six speeds was easy to adjust. As for the anti vibration feature, it does vibrate less than my 9 amp Bosch or 11 amp Milwaukee, by how much? A little, guessing about 25% less. As with most tools I would guess that a cutting blade transfers vibration to the work piece, this tool is a good example of that, it seems to transfer more than I'm used to. I did not like the fact that I had to return the first one because the saw handle was loose. Minor defects included the poor paint finish on the inside of metal box and missplaced sticker on the outside of tool box.
                              Would I trade my other brands in just to buy this one? No. Not now at least, simply because the lack of a proven track record.
                              Add this to your arsenal, only if you have the Milwaukee standing by.



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                                makita's maktec drills is also made in china, i believe..