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    As a new member, I wanted to give a comment on the new x2 combo kit that i recently purchased. The only complaint I have is that i wanted to purchase it from Lowes instead of HD. The x2 combo is Awesome! Powerful, nice system. Like others i have used it all, and the ridgid line is the best! Keep up the innovation!

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    Contractor One:

    You can return the purchase at Home Depot and then go buy a Combo Kit at Lowes.

    Why would you prefer to buy at Lowes though?

    [ 10-31-2003, 04:22 PM: Message edited by: RIDGID1 ]


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      No, he would have to return the combo kit at Lowe's, and then buy the same one back. Lowe's doesn't sell Ridgid...



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        I wonder what would be more difficult: buying a ridgid product from lowes or returning one to lowes?


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          Maybe you should try taking it back to Nordstrums, don't they take back anything?!


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            Dave Arbuckle:

            Who said that he could buy a "RIDGID" Combo Kit at Lowes? Not me.

            Why could he not buy a Combo Kit at Lowes? Lowes sells Combo Kits, do they not?

            He may prefer a RIDGID Combo Kit, but if his desire to make his Combo Kit purchase at Lowes is more important, then he still can, even if the specific brand may not be RIDGID.

            Maybe this is not the case, but he does still have the option of making his purchase at Lowes.

            All he has to do is return his RIDGID Combo Kit to Home Depot and go buy a Combo Kit at Lowes.


            You were trying to make fun of me [img]tongue.gif[/img]

            ...and it worked.

            Originally posted by Dave Arbuckle:
            No, he would have to return the combo kit at Lowe's, and then buy the same one back. Lowe's doesn't sell Ridgid...



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              I went to HD today to return a Wilwaukee 18v Lok-Tor Hammer Drill and DeWalt recipricating saw, so I could buy the Ridgid 18v 4pc Combo. The only problem was the sales guy talked me out of it and sold me the 5 pc Milwaukee 18v set.(Hammer Drill, Sawzall, Circ Saw, Light, Job Site Radio and Contractor Bag. Plus an extra battery for $425.This kit normaly sells for $600, this also comes with a $50 HD gift card.Even though I absolutly wanted the Ridgid set, I could not pass on the Milwaukee. I gues my question is wy would the sales guy at HD not want to sell the Ridgid set????


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                Count your blessings, Mt Bike. You just got a helluva deal. Not only is that combo kit no longer available here, a couple hundred miles from you, it'd cost $496 if it were. I suspect that your local HD wants to get out of those kits to break loose the retail space for other products.

                Now, don't think I'm knocking Ridgid here, because I'm not. I like these new Ridgid tools. I do, however, hear occasional complaints about the Ridgid tools (and I get most of them - I'm a Hardware Department Supervisor at HD), usually centered around the sawzall - it's just a little too heavy/unwieldy for a cordless tool.

                The Milwaukee sawzall in that kit simply outdoes the Ridgid equivalent at all levels. I think you'll not find a better tool in a cordless kit, anywhere. It's a lot lighter than the Ridgid (ever work over your head?). It's orbital. Best, it's got a hinged handle.

                The highest compliment I can pay Ridgid tools is that they seem to match or exceed the quality of the equivalent Milwaukee offerings. That Milwaukee sawzall, though, is in a class by itself.

                And the radio absolutely rocks, too. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                  Super Dave,

                  The list was $496 plus the extra battery at $80 but with the discount I could not pass it up. You are right the sawzall is the key to the kit ( along with the radio)every thing else I figure is an even swap.

                  [ 11-12-2003, 03:17 AM: Message edited by: Mt Bike ]


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                    I recently got the 3 piece combo kit. Interestingly, I bought it at a price of $379 about two weeks ago. Subsequently, I was in HD and noticed that it was now $329. I pointed this out to the HD clerk and was ultimately given a refund of the difference. However, the clerk had to discuss this with a supervisor, who hesitated at first. I had to point out that if they did not do so, I would just return the tools (within 90 days) and buy them again at lower price. Given the hype for these tools, I was surprised at the delay in giving me the refund.

                    As for the tools, they are great. I am only a homeowner, but I have used the saw extensively to cut up old lumber that has been piled for years on a corner of my property. It went through old 2x6 concrete form boards without any effort. It also easily cut up 4x4s in two passes. I would estimate that the battery lasted about sixty to eighty cuts before getting noticibly low.

                    The only problems are minor. The chuck on the hammer drill requires two hands to tighten, unlike the regular 18v x2 drill. The one-handed chuck would be much more convenient, particularly when switching between drill bits and screw bits, as I was doing the last two nights while installing shelves. A second thing is that it takes about five turns to loosen the "T" handle. I tried this on the Milwaukee and it would loosen in about a turn and a half. Although minor, this becomes a pain when working in cramped areas where the handle needs to be repositioned. Third, the saw does not come with a guide. I have always thought this was standard equipment. Lastly, the bag is absolutely stupid, particularly for a homeowner who will never use it. I would, however, have used a case to keep the tools when not in use. Unfortunately, since Bosch and Milwaukee now have bags, it is probably where things are going.