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Home Depot Tool Sale Soon ??

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  • Home Depot Tool Sale Soon ??

    Stopped in to look at the TS2400LS Table Saw in early December and the guy in the Ridgid department told me to hold off on buying until the 20% off tool sale that usually is around the holidays. Well, I noticed they had "Cordless Sets" on sale for 20% off and a few other items at special prices but nothing more.

    I've got a gift card to spend, but don't want to see my Table Saw on sale a week later !! Anyone got an insider scoop on upcoming HD sales ??

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    Don't know if there is a sale coming but if you buy it now and there is a sale in the 90 days following your purchase you can get a refund because you can return the ridgid saw no questions asked within the 90 days so it is in there best interest to just give you the credit


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      I figured that was an option as I have done that before. The nearest HD is 45 minutes away and we don't go that way too often ... with my luck, the sale would be within a week of my purchase or better yet after 90 days !!


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        Doubt there will be a sale now. Last year, it was in mid-December---why have a power tool sale now---they've already got your gift card money.


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          I doubt that there will be any further sale on tools. Last year's 20% off power tools was in mid-December and I, for one, was hoping it would be an annual event. So, this year's sale on just battery-operated combo sets over $100, was a big disappointment for me. Hopefully the numbers will be a disappointment to HD's marketing and accounting folks too! Lowe's had a heckuva sale with 20% off all stationary and handheld power tools as well as regular hand tools and power tools accessories. So, they got my holiday $$ and hopefully their bottom line will help HD realize that they need to make this kind of thing an annual event. But who know?

          In any event, I don't think we'll see another HD tool sale until late winter or early spring and then it will probably be selective. (But, of course, who really knows?)

          However, HD does have a 30-day price protection policy so if you buy now and it goes on sale withing the 30-day window, you can get a refund on the sale price difference. Also, as previously mentioned, you have a 90-day Ridgid "Satisfaction Guarantee", although I admit that might prove to be a hassle with packing everything up and taking it back to the store.

          Sorry this isn't more helpful, but I understand your situation on trying to buy "at the right time."



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            For the 90 day, it is much easier to buy another one and return it moments later against the older receipt. I've had to do this once a few years back.

            Speaking of sales, Menards has always had a "bag sale" before the holidays that has slowly gotten less & less spectacular. They had a 20.03% off at the begining of 2003 and followed this again with 20.04% for 2004, which was pretty decent. This year, they had NO before holiday bag sale and the after holiday sale that started today is a wopping 11% off sale !! Sounds like Lowes wins this year !!