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Ridgid Laminate Trimmer R2400

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  • Ridgid Laminate Trimmer R2400

    Just purchased this guy and it has a nice feel to it.
    Beefy power plant at 6 amps, variable speed, 1/4 collet,
    12 foot cord length, comes with a edge guide, guide bars and bearing guide assembly, a bearing flush trim bit and a real
    good case, no load spped of 20,000-30,000. I'm going to try it out in a couple of days and
    get back with feedback, any of yours would be most welcome too! oh yeah $99.00 @ Depot.

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    I was wondering when someone might post on this addition to the Ridgid line. I've eyeballed it in the display at HD and have been thinking of geting one to keep a roundover bit in. Would be handy not to have to change out a bit from my full-size PC or Milwaukee routers, just grab and go so to speak.

    Interested to hear wht you think of the depth adjustment, and does it have a soft start feature?


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      Gee, it's been nearly five thousand years since I promised a follow-up, another guy who asked about this tool;f=19;t=000092
      has a link that really gets down in describing the tool,
      so far I've trimmed laminate and flat ABS 1/8", and routed out
      doors for hinges and found this tool easy to hold and operate,
      yes it does have a soft start feature, the depth of adjustment is
      decent where I did not have to fiddle around, there are edge guides included which I have not tried out yet. I had to hang
      5 doors and found this tool to be ideal.



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        Just got this for my bday a couple days ago. i've been using a DeWalt and makita on the site but i really like the ridgid. its got the soft start and really powerful in such a compact housing. i would definately recomend this over any of the others.
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          I got one of these the other day. I have a variety of routers but I wanted a small, light, router - even though I don't expect to use it to trim any laminate.

          My first use was to cut out hinges, etc, for doors using a template I have. It works prefectly at that, especially once I discovered Freud guides exactly fit the plastic base. (The base is keyed and idiot at Home Depot had no idea why).

          The only complaint I have is that there is a 'stop' which prevents you from easily separating the base from the motor.

          Plus, it is easy to put your finger into the opening where you tighten the collet. Because I have nerve damage in my left hand, I have very limited touch sensation, and the forst time I used the tool I accidently stuck my finger against the collet. Although I didn't hurt myself, the finger got real hot real quick and for some reason heat i can feel perfectly.

          So, given this is a single handed unit, I would have though some sort of window or something would make it safer.

          Overall, though, I'm very satisifed.


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            Woodsmith editors published a review of the Bosch Colt in the latest edition of the magazine. In the review, which was extremely favorable, they mention the new Ridgid R2400. They pointed out a couple of reasons they preferred the Bosch, mainly speed of bit change and articulate adjustments. Other than that they were complimentary of the R2400. I haven't made up my mind yet between the two, but I have a birthday coming up soon and I definitely want a small router.


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              I'm Looking forward to when i can get my hands on a small router. every time i go throuh home depot I stop and look at the R2400. I'd like to be able to make my own funiture and fix the edge on my old book shelf.
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