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Ridgid vs DeWalt Planer

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  • Ridgid vs DeWalt Planer

    I just noticed the Ridgid 13" Planer on the HD website. I was going to buy the DeWalt planer, (two speed). I could not get a picture to come up on the Ridgid but the price is about $20 cheaper. Has anyone used the Ridgid that might have a suggestion?

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    For $20 I'd go with the Dewalt assuming that it's the 734. But, your local HD may do better than the price on the net so you may want to ask before deciding.


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      IMHO the dewalt 2 speed ( DW735 is the only dewalt 2 speed ) is not in the same league as the ridgid, The DW 735 tends to be about $479 compared to the $349 Ridgid. However the DW 734 single speed 3 knife cutter head is about $20 more and well worth the money. I would stay away from the Ridgid at this time because it is a bit behind the times for its price point. Either the DW734 or the Delta 22-580 would be a better choice for a few dollars more. I have an older Delta single speed 22-560 and find that even with new sharp knives I will get some tearout, I have used a neighbours DW734 on the same peice of wood with significantly less tearout


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        I missed that 2-speed was mentioned. Wow, so either the Ridgid is really marked up, or the 735 is really, really cheap. If the 735 is really, really cheap please tell me where.

        If it's the 734 I'd go with the Delta as my first choice with the Ridgid in third. Nothing wrong with the Ridgid, just a few better values out there.


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          After much study, I decided to go with the DeWalt DW735 (2 speed). I'm waiting for a break in the weather to get it set-up (unheated garage/shop)- as soon as I do, I'll report. By the way, I got 10% off at Lowe's- they honored my HD 10% off coupon. They'll match any financing plan HD has, too.

          [ 03-09-2004, 08:29 PM: Message edited by: brantstx ]


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            Got to touch one 2 weeks ago at a wood show, nice
            179 CPI thats 2.7 times my Delta


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              "By the way, I got 10% off at Lowe's- they honored my HD 10% off coupon. They'll match any financing plan HD has, too."

              That's good to know, cause I have been leaning towards the DW-735 and HD doesn't carry them of course. We have a new Lowes that will be opening here in a month or two and I expect they will have soome good sales going on. As usual (they both do it), the new Lowes is only 1/4 mile from HD so will be easy to compare prices. Right now the closest Lowes is 22 miles away and HD has no competition excpet for a Sears about 5 miles away.


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                I've had the Delta 580 for over a year and can't believe how great it is. DeWalt's 3 knife system is supposed to be even better, even without the 2 speeds on the more expensive DeWalt.

                There's nothing wrong with the Ridgid---other than any leftover customer service issues. It's a solid machine, but as was said, it's way behind the times in technology and price.


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                  The HD and Lowe's in my area are no more than 1/4 mile apart, too, and I know they send "spies" back and forth virtually every day to see what's on special and what financing is being offered. Lowe's has even responded to HD sales by putting equivalent items on sale. A few weeks ago, HD had one of the Ridgid shop vacuums on sale (I think the $59 model was priced at $39). Lowe's responded by putting their $69 Shop-vac brand on sale for $39. That kind of attitude, combined with consistently good in-store customer service, is why I now favor my local Lowe's over my local HD.

                  [ 03-10-2004, 06:42 PM: Message edited by: brantstx ]


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                    Where did you get the 10% off coupon?


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                      have'nt seen one yet but the dw with the 3 knife head is reallllly supposed to be the cats meow and it even has a chip collector that works wow bill prices i've heard seem to be in the 500.00++ range