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    This forum has been great for me to use and share information with others.

    I have owned the KC18DL 18V 5-PIECE PRO COMBINATION for a week now. I bought it out of the box new but at ridiculous reconditioned price. Its really nice. the AC/DC converter has bridged cordless and corded together. If your charging batteries you can Plug in!! If you need more power to cut plug in. Why I like it, 250 three inch deck screws with no charge. 190 cross cut 2x4 saw power. Recip had over 20 minutes of cut time. I used it for kitchen cabinet and counter top cut out without switching over to corded Sawzall.

    Pros: 33% more power 3.0Mah NIMH batteries
    Corded Power
    Light weight

    Cons: NOT made in USA
    Service is difficult to get
    Really ugly

    If you were in the market for a new set of cordless tools this is it. I think I like it better than Milwaukee!

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    Did you get the Hitatchi Cordless Combo Kit that is advertised in the latest Lowes flyer? If so, I sure did eye those tools in Lowes the other day. I decided on the Ridgid but the Hitatchi sure look cool. The colors are catchy...they look like they are going 60 standing
    I have noticed that Hitatchi seems to be coming out with a lot of competetively priced woodworking tools that are close to Ridgid in price;-Planer, Contractor Saw, Band Saw, etc.
    Congrats on your new tools. I am enjoying my new Ridgid Cordless Combo kit. I went out and got the new cordless jigsaw yesterday and put it to use. I don't have enough outlets in my garage so cordless is the way to go for me.

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      YES thats the newest kit from Koki-Hitachi. I have many combo kits, Milwaukee, bosch, Dewalt,Ridgid 18vlt 4 piece, Hitachi. Why so many to control inventory among workers. I like my Ridgid very much. The new Hitachi really stepped up the competition.

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        Hitatchi is truly becoming a big time player. I spoke to a guy at Lowes that boughta complete workshop full of Hitatchi Tools a few weeks ago and not one flaw, failure, or issue.
        I am eyeing the Hitatchi 12" Miter Saw with Digital Scale for my business. I really like that feature and it's not bad at $369.
        I just got a Ridgid 12" Miter Saw yesterday for my home shop but the Hitatchi looks like my next purchase.


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          They always were a big player outside the USA. They are the largest manufacture of power tools. I think some of the technology is getting cheap enough for "us guys" to utilize.


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            Hitachi as a company are absolutely huge.
            In Australia/Asia they are a major player in powertools and anything else they put their massive resources behind. How many people live in china-japan? Just a few billion is all. About 18mths ago they started to redesign their entire powertool range using revolutionary 3d cad design and what you see now is only the tip of the big green iceberg which is Hitachi Powertools.
            For a interesting site look up:

            Dont underestimate this company and these tools!

            They are the bomb


            i will get off my soapbox now.


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              Hitachi is not made in the United States. We have millions of people out of work and we are at war.

              They might be "pretty" but when will people start supporting their own country?
              Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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                If the tool is going to do the job easier and more efficiently giving you more time to spend sprouting off patriotism, isnt that a good thing?? If this company employs Americans and by that end supports America as a whole.

                And they do manufacture is America:

                In 1994, Hitachi Power Tools U.S.A. was renamed Hitachi Koki U.S.A. to denote the addition of manufacturing to the United States.

                U.S.A. Headquarter****achi Koki U.S.A. carries an extensive line of professional grade tools and accessories for residential construction, commercial construction, tradesman and Do-It-Yourselfers.

                Hitachi America Ltd.Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with satellite offices in Chatsworth CA and Toronto ONT, Hitachi Koki U.S.A. supplies nearly 4000 retail locations, both independent and home center, and supports nearly 1000 authorized service centers.

                Many Hitachi tools are designed and offered for use only in North America. With dozens of new models already in development, Hitachi Koki U.S.A. enters the 21st century continuing to offer the highest level of professional power tools available.

                So where does that leave you now?? Are you going to support them then??


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                  I am glad they have offices here. Do they make anything here? If so, what? The first poster stated as a "con" that they were not made here. Where does that leave me? It leaves me never buying a product thats made outside of North America when there is a suitable alternative made here.

                  Our nation is at war plus we have a huge national debt and huge trade deficit. Like it or not that is not a good thing. Supporting your country means more than sticking a ribbon on the back of your car.

                  I would like to see independent test results comaparing NIMH batteries to Lithium Ion in terms of power and time between charges.
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                    hey now............i have a ribbon on the back of my made in mexico chevy truck
                    9/11/01, never forget.


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                      Yeah I almost bought an Avalanch 2 years ago then found out it was made in Mexico. The salesman lied to me about its origin. My GMC 2500HD was made in Kansas City and had a sticker in the window showing 94% USA content. It was the best I could do as far as made in USA. We can't always get it made here but when there is an American alternative to imports we owe it to our country and our grandkids to keep our jobs here. Those Chinese workers making 64 cents an hour are not going to buy diddly from us. So a dollar spent there will never come back here. Though the missles their military are buying someday will.
                      Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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                        Who said anything about differences between lithium ion and NMh? Me? Nope..........but you have to consider the pricing behind Lithium Ion is going to be quite high comparitively to NMH because of the R&D that went into it! I am trying to educate you by telling you that yes they do manufacture there........but dont beleive me and dont beleive something someone posted( OH its on the Post so it must be true) si` some homework yourself......who owns milwaukee and rigid now?? isnt it a Chinese corp?? TTI Ring a bell with anyone?? Oh yeah lets support the chinese then!! Hahaha


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                          You asked me a question and I gave you my answer. I asked you a question and you didn't answer it, you only gave a smartalec reply. You wrote about all of their offices here. Do they make anything here? If so please let me know which tools and they will be considered in my purchases.

                          TTI bought Milwaukee they also own Rigid, Ryobi, DirtDevil, I think Homelite, and several others. Most everyone here knows that. While you type your sarcastic little ha ha's, my family has loved ones in harms way. I WILL SUPPORT AMERICAN MANUFACTURERS AND AMERICAN WORKERS WHO ARE SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS. I politely ask you to do the same.

                          One other thing, "sprouting off about patriotism" seems to be offensive to you, why?
                          Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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                            Once again - to set everything straight at least with the facts behind RIDGID, as has been posted on this forum before.... RIDGID(r) is a brand owned 100% by Emerson. TTi is a manufacturer, yes - based in Hong Kong, PRC, that is manufacturing tools to RIDGID's specifications. TTi is one of many companies that is providing this service to RIDGID. Most all tool companies outsource, or 'direct-source,' select products in their offering.

                            As stated on and on all press releases: RIDGID® is a registered trademark of Ridgid, Inc., part of Emerson
                            Professional Tools, a business of St. Louis-based Emerson (NYSE:EMR).

                            One of the major factors today as to why Lithium costs more is because the volume of demand is less than NmHi and also because it is a new technology being applied to tools.

                            Several people on this chain have been in other areas of the forum exposing beliefs and opinions on foreign sourcing. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs - but lets keep it clean and not confrontational on this board.

                            Patriotism doesnt mean we should all become an isolationist.


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                              Patriotism does not mean made in China, ever.

                              Communist slaves versus free people. Its your choice who you choose to support. Remember the cold war? This whole country stood against communists and now you say keep it clean and hand the enemy our country. Sorry not me. Not ever. Trade with communist China is treason.

                              There are other countries that we trade with that are not communist. Lets trade and do business with them. But then I guess your bonus might not be so big, huh? Let the out of work factory workers go die in the desert so you can continue to sell out this country for an extra buck in your pocket. Judas. Sorry thats a spade and it has to be called one.
                              Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.