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    exUsairwaysmech, you cannot buy a Ridgid 14.4v combo, as the only combo kits the make are the 3 and 4 peice 18v combo kits. They are good tools, though.


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      RRMCBRIDE- I couldn't agree with you more. First off, having a safety switch on a reciprocating saw isn't needed in the first place. Nobody else has one (I'm talking cordless here) except for Ryobi and Craftsmen-so it's obvious they are made by the same company that makes Ridgid. An on off switch (that locks/unlocks the trigger) like Milwaukee/DeWalt has is all that's necessary. When your'e trying to make a precise plunge cut, the last thing you need to worry about is having to push in that stupid safety switch- but worse yet YOU CAN'T REACH THE DARN THING ANYWAY ! I wear size large to extra large gloves (depending on brand) and I'm thinking "Who designed this freakin thing"? Maybe it was designed for Pro Basketball players with 10 inch fingers and 8 inch thumbs. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this concern. See, I just sold my Ryobi stuff on eBay and have been going to Home Depot trying to decide on Ridgid. This design flaw is really holding me back.And YES, on my Ryobi recrip saw I drilled a tiny hole in the safety and put a tiny nail through it (then bent it up) to hold it in the on position! When you pull the nail out and release the safety you don't even see the hole. You can bet I will do it on the Ridgid too-I have no choice if I want to use the saw. But- I HAVE ONE MORE:

      The hammerdrill that comes in the "kit" does not have a single sleeve locking spindle chuck All their other drills do, but not the hammerdrill! And with the handle mounted, it seems almost impossible to get a good grip on it to tighten the chuck down. And don't tell me you can't get a single sleeve tight enough because DeWalt and Milwaukee both have one on their hammerdrills-you can get the bit even tighter with a single sleeve ratcheting chuck!
      Don't get me wrong-these are awesome tools and I'm proabably going to buy them anyway-but what were they thinking ? I'll swap out the chuck and "fix" the safety switch on the sawzall.

      In the past year I've owned the complete DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Ryobi (all cordless) line. It's a hobby of mine.I sell em on EBay when I'm through playing with them


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        Milwaukee has a saftey lock on there sawzaw. to keep the trigger from being hit when not in use.dewalt has a saftey lock on there cordless sawzaw as well.


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          Sorry next time i will read the post better. i was getting disstracted by the kids. i did not know that you had to do this all in one motion to disengauge the saftey to run th saw . this is not a trumph 8 gauge nibbler.