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  • They're Here...

    We just recieved the new powertools last night at my Home Depot in DFW Tx.

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    What were your thoughts having seen the tools?Understood that you may not have had the opportunity as of yet to use them.


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      I saw the new tools as well in the DFW area. They are great. Got to hold them as well. I have been investing alot in the old RIDGID tools before the new ones. Picked up a Joiner/Planer, Bandsaw, Planer, and now my newest a TS3612 (searched for that one) . Now I see the newest cordless and am really eyeing the 18v. NICE . Trying to convice the wife [img]tongue.gif[/img] .... But that is another story. [img]smile.gif[/img]
      If it ain\'t broke, tell the wife it is so that you can get more TOOLS!!


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        We've got them to, My HD up in Greece NY has a dedicated display for most if not all the hand tools and they have a high quality feel. Very solid bodies, good fit, and ridgid (no pun intended) bodies an excellent startup in the world of power hand tools. I'm a product development engineer by profession so I tend to look for these specifics.

        Have not had a chance to see/hear them in action but if looks are any indication they should perform like champs. I'm shopping for a 5" ROS to replace my worn out Bosch and I really liked the feel of the ridgid model.

        And after allllllll the endless posts on the color all I can say is everyone should have waited. The color is fine on the hand tools, my computer monitor makes the color way more vibrant orange than they are in person, few shades darker than HD colors. Won't puke over it. Can't wait to see how the large power tools look in the dress orange.

        The prices seem comensurate with the quality feel but if anyone has used one of these new puppies let us know what you think.
        Let me see... 1, 2, 3, 4.... Uh Oh.


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          The color is better than dewalt yellow. Tools look good, time will tell.