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    I would like to know why people with new innovation have to fight so hard not to get screwed.
    We have something very exciting and are reluctant to bring it to Ridgid where it should be as it is truly industrial and deserves the high end quality that they have.
    There is the inventor ( not Myself) who has sacrifced so much to try to fullfill the American dream for his family and has to worry every day that big players won't give him the fair deal he deserves.

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    Why not hire a Patent Attorney to research the best way to bring this idea to the marketplace. In most cases, you have to spend some money in order to make more money.
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      I understand that Dave.
      It is still a major concern though and have heard so many horror stories of people getting screwed.
      This product is going to change the drill chuck!
      Like the poor old guy that changed the windshield wiper technology, he fought for years and won but was a tired old man in the end.
      The inventor of this new product has five children and has worked day and night for the last 53 months to make his dream a reality.
      He has pat pend status and it is rock solid but there are so many thieves that it is holding it back for everyone.


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        Dave he already has a store for this thing and multiple models to choose from. His site says patents are pending. He is just SPAMMING this board and the Admin needs to boot his butt
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