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New Wheel for BS-1400-2

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  • New Wheel for BS-1400-2

    Hi, I had a question concerning The BS 1400-2 Band Saw.
    Specifically, I need to replace the upper wheel on this saw.
    The part number for this wheel is 828864-1. (Lower Wheel is 828864)
    The BS 1400-1 upper wheel part number is 823550 (lower wheel is 823556). Are these interchangable ?

    Thanks, Barry
    Happy New Year

    PS. any one have a source for 14" Band saw wheels, besides Ridgid, preferably in Canada. Grizzly has them for a decent price - $37.50, but with customs and shipping from the US less cost effective.
    How about Cast Iron?
    If I could find CI I'd replace the pair.