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Ridgid FlipTop copy cat?

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  • Ridgid FlipTop copy cat?

    Take a look at this and tell me if you consider this is a copy of the Ridgid FlipTop or not and if so why not.

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    It does look very similar

    I think it is a copy, but then everybody is copying everyone else anyway.
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      Two different designs to accomplish the same result, where the Flip Top forces a sagging piece up to the point that it pivots and provides a level outfeed surface the One Man appears to achieve the same result by utilizing a stationary top. The concept may have been derived from the Flip Top, but it might even be an improvement, it appears that the One Man has a longer front end slope which would allow for more sag.



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        It appears to me that this stand does not have a pivoting top like the Flip Top has. Because the top doesn't pivot, the stand could have a tendency to be knocked over if the workpiece doesn't hit it just right. Looks like a pretty good idea, just not as good of an idea as Ridgids'.
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          copy cat stand

          it may be a copy of the ridgid stand, but I seriously doubt it will perform like the ridgid. I am currently building a 40 x 40 deck and I have used the ridgid stand too hold up the corners of my deck frame. I figure it was supporting upwards of 300 lbs. It never slipped or anything. The best $29 I have ever spent.