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Blade guard dust collection??

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  • Blade guard dust collection??

    Has anyone modified or made a new blade guard to accept a dust collection port for the TS3612? I have mine attached to the bottom of my saw now and it does a pretty good job but thought maybe I'd to some experimenting.

    Thanks, Jason
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    You might want to take a look at Lee's site ( ) .

    I had in the past conversed with Lee about a version for the TS-3650. There are a number of hurdles to overcome to make the Shark Guard (or any blade guard dust collector) work on the 3650 it seems.

    Anyway, you didn't mention what make/model saw you have (assuming you have the TS-3650). If you have something other than the Ridgid saw you may have some choices available.

    I have thought of trying to adapt a 1-1/2" hose to the guard, but first I would want to get at least one spare before I took mine to the point of no return and/or destroyed it. There was a seller on eBay who occasionally had Ridgid parts (switches, rails, etc.) but never any blade guard parts. I was going to write him but I see that he is in the Reserves and has been activated so has shut down his eBay store for the time being.

    Be sure and check out his flash animation, it's pretty cool.
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      Blade guard?

      I have already talked with lee and got the same response as you gave me so I was just searching for someone who has tried this before I butcher mine up.