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Enco Router Table w/Sliding Table

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  • Enco Router Table w/Sliding Table

    Was looking around on Enco's website and came across this, an aluminum router table with a 30.875 x 12.125" sliding table surface. Sounds interesting.

    Follow the link on the above page to go to pg 454 in their catalog. Strange as it may seem, these are listed under tool stands and not with the woodworking tools. I think its a little weird that both the Al and the CI table weigh in at 123#, must be a typo one one of them. Anyway, for the price you are getting a complete router table and stand. I tried to view the manual for the Aluminum table but the link didn't work. I wanted to see how that sliding table design was put together.

    They also have a similar design out of CI but it doesn't have the sliding table. It does have a miter slot milled in the top and is 20.25 x 27" so it would fit between the rails of a TS-3650.

    SPECIFICATIONS: MODELS 240-7161 and 240-7162
    Table Material: Cast Iron Aluminum*
    Table Surface: 20-1/4" x 27" 30-5/8" x 9-7/8"
    Sliding Table Surface: n/a 30-7/8" x 12-1/8"
    Table Inserts: 3-7/8" 3-7/8"
    Table Height: 34" 34"
    Fence Sizes(each side): 10-5/8" x 1-7/8" 10-5/8" x 1-7/8"
    Dust Hood Outlet: 4" 2"
    Gross Weight: 123 Lbs. 123 Lbs.

    * Features aluminum sliding table fitted with a toggle clamp

    Router Tables
    Cast Iron Table 240-7161 $275.75
    Aluminum Table 240-7162 $341.75

    Router Tables
    . Accepts any brand of portable router from 3.4 to 5 HP motor
    . Precision ground tables tilt to 45 Deg.
    . Steel stand
    . Precision aluminum fence
    . 240-7161 Table is milled with a T-slot and fitted with a
    miter gauge for bevel routing
    . Spring hold-down is supplied as a standard accessory
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