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  • Craftsman 14" Bandsaw

    Has anyone bought or used the New Craftsman 14" Bandsaw? I saw it in the store today and found it to have an impressive list of features: Bearing blade guides, 15x20" table, 8" resaw capacity, drift adjustible fence, 2 miter slots, work light, etc................would like to hear any comments or experience with this saw!

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    I also examined this beauty, just this past Friday. I am impressed with it's features and build quality. I've looked at Ridgid, Delta, Jet, and a couple of off brands, and the Craftsman has some superior features and is built more like the bigger industrial saws. It's only drawback that I can see, is someone might give it a "negative" because you can't put a riser block on it; but, with a 8" depth capacity, I'm not sure that is important.

    From what I understand, the saw is made for Sears by Rikon. However, the Craftsman has some features that are not included on the Rikon 14" model. Obviously the Craftsman folks spec'd this out to be exclusively advantageous. Definitely a nice tool. I hope someone with actual hands-on experience jumps in here. Meanwhile, I'm saving my pennys.



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      I think we talked about this BS a while back, and I had suggested that it might be made by Rikon for Craftsman, but don't know for sure. Someone else had mentioned that it might be made by another company, but I don't remember the name. A search might reveal the thread, it was not that long ago, maybe the past four months.

      I also think it looks like a nice BS for the size. Being a steel frame saw, you can't add the riser like CWS said.

      just yesterday I almost (and have not given up on it yet) bought a MiniMax 16. The MiniMax rep offered me a deal that was real, real good, its just a bit more than I want to put into a BS for the amount and type of work I'll be doing in a home shop. I've been thinking about the Delta, Jet, or Rikon 18" saws, but the MiniMax16 has greater resaw than any of those three, a full 16" resaw, and at 4.8 HP, its got the omph to use it too. I looked it over real good, many nice features. One thing that could be a PITA is new view window for use when adjusting blade tracking. Since there is a microswitch on both the upper and lower doors, you can't have a door open and run the saw, nice safety feature but makes it tough to adjust tracking. I am really thinking of calling him tomorrow and saying OK to the deal. I'd probably end up sleeping on the couch for the next month though. I'll have to justify it to the comptroller (LOML). I have the money saved up in me tool fund, so that's not the problem. It would drain the fund to near zero and that would take a while to build back up. I've got all this Oak and now Black Walnut and I'd like to be able to do it justice and not ruin any on a BS that's not up to the task, plus my max resaw is only 6" and with only 1/2 HP that would be pushing it especially on hardwood I think.
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