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Are bags available for the WD1245 vac?

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  • Are bags available for the WD1245 vac?

    I have looked all over and cannot find bags for this vacuum. Thanks for any information.

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    Do you mean the paper bags that go over the filter. Doesn't look like Ridgid makes them. If they do maybe HD would have them.

    Maybe Craftsman or Shop-vac bags would fit.
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      WD1245 bags

      I don't understand why they would make a vac that does dry pickup and not offer a bag. I do not want to dump a large dust filled bucket (the vacuum) into a garbage bag, spreading dust everywhere. I saw bags for some of the larger and smaller Ridgid vacs at Home Depot but not this one.

      Anyone know about other brand bags fitting?


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        If I am reading this right you are looking for a bag that lines the inside if the vacuum canister so you just have to tie up the bag and toss it when the vac is full.
        Unfortunately these vacs don't work that way. The vacuum is created in the canister and the air is exhausted through the filter and out the back port so eventually if you lined the canister with a plastic bag it would be sucked tight to the filter allowing no room for debris. Conventional house vacs use the catcher bag as the air filter so the air is exhausted through the bag


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          Shop Vac makes a paper liner for some of their vacs. It's absolutely fantastic for drywall dust and sawdust. I don't see any way to modify my Ridgid to use it though. I just place an oversized plastic garbage bag over the drum and carefully invert thedrum and bag and then leave the drum in the bag for a short while until the dust settles. .....Not as neat as the ShopVac, but cheaper and effective.


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            I agree. I also own the 1245, it's an awesome vacuum; perfect balance between size and power, but no filter bags. Seems you either have to buy their really obnoxiously large ones or small ones to get that feature. I'm sure they'll come around if more fuss is made.

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              a dust bag would be a nice idea..


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                I am a little confused. I think you're talking about a waste-type bag to line the container and catch all the debris, but then another post mentioned "filter bags". In any case, I don't think Ridgid makes a waste-type container bag. I'm not sure how that would work, but I might try just using a large garbage bag liner and see if it works or will get sucked up into the filter... hmmm, I don't know, but it's worth a try.

                But otherwise, to dump my 1245, I just jar the container a few times to knock the loose debris from the filter, into the container. Wait a few seconds for the dust to settle and then open it up and slip a plastic garbage bag over the rim and then flip the whole thing over, dumping the debris into the back. Wait a few seconds for the dust to settle in the bag and then slip the bag off the container and place the container, right-side-up, back on the floor and then put the top back on it. Very little dust escapes and I tie up the bag. I usually do this outside, just in case, but so far haven't found it to be a big deal.

                Oh, should mention that I'm remodeling, so there's lots of dry wall dust and other debris. I'm using one of the better filters because the drywall dust is so fine.