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shop vac vs. ridgid

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  • shop vac vs. ridgid

    New Guy, New Question... has anyone ever owned both the shop vac model and the rigid model? I'm buying a starter unit for the house, and buy a lot of ridgid stuff, so I don't have any problem with the brand. I was comparing the 12 gallon units of each, and the detachable blower REALLY looks like a nice feature on the shop vac model. The Ridgid model has better specs, but for a starter unit, should the detachable blower really seal the deal for Shop Vac, or does the detachable motor actually detract from the model? I'm kind of torn between buying a separate gas blower, but if the detachable is going to give me enough flexibility... I don't know how flexible a 12 gallon blower is going to be on the roof, though... any thoughts from anyone who knows?

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    How much flexibility can you really have with the detachable motor when you're constantly pulling and tugging at that power cord tail thats following you around the yard? I'll take my gas powered weed wacker and power blower over corded models anytime.

    I own two small ShopVac brand vacuums and both work very well. One is a QSP Series and its considerably quieter than the other which is a standard run of the mill model. Unless they have made some improvements to the line, the one complaint that I recall hearing about the Ridgids is that they are quite noisy. Performance wise though I have seen many positive comments about the Ridgids'.
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