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  • just wundering.

    i got 2 questions id like to have anserd.
    1. i have a ridgid 18v drill with a 3/8 chuck, can anyone tell me a manufacturer or a websight where i can get a 1/2 inch chuck of good quality for it.
    2. i have standerd 18 volt bateries, what is the deal with the 18 volt HC or whatever there called bateries, the ones that are suposed to have more run time, or power or whatever. do they work with any 18 volt drill, or are they for specific tools only.
    cuz id probably buy a couple for my drill if they will work fine on it.

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    Not to be critical but why do you want to put a ½" chuck onto a drill that was designed and built to use only a 3/8" chuck? Doing so would undoubtedly void your warranty and also the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement.

    As far as the batteries are concerned, you'll experience longer run times with the X2 batteries. Unless you're using your tools on a daily basis at work, I can't see much of a benefit in buying some X2 batteries when you can recharge the ones you now have in 20 minutes.
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      well....i just wana be able to put half inch bits in it, that is if i ever need to, u are right i dont realy have any need to at this time, and i dont realy use half inch stuff, i just ike to be prepared, and im sure it can handle half inch cuz iv seen 12v drills with half inch chuck.
      and thanks for that about the bataries, ill just stick with the ones i got, there just fine for what i do.


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        Use reduced shank bits.
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          just wundering

          I dont really think that a cordless drill that has a 3/8 chuck was specifically designed for 3/8 drilling. most of the drill shafts are all 1/2 inch now.the chuck has a 1/2 inch shank with a 3/8 opening.(but i have never got into a ridgid. i would have to checkout the breakdown on the tool) you should be able to find that chuck alomost any homedepote,lowes,or toolco.putting the 1/2inch chuck on your drill will not hurt it at is how you use it that will hurt it.there are only a few chuck makers that i am aware of(jacobs chucks,rhome,and yaka.... it is japaneese).