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  • FYI about HF online pricing

    Just a heads up .. I needed a simple dial indicator today and went online at HF ... They have one listed for 7.99 but when I went to the local retail store, they would not honor the online price unless I had a printout of the online price with me. The store price was 13.99 for the same item. Not that that price is a lot, but it just seems wrong to charge a higher price at the local store. I was told that if I returned with the printout that they would refund the difference. Moral of the story ... take the printout with you!

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    To add to that, HF retail stores will almost always honor web prices if you bring in the printout but the online store will never honor retail store pricing.

    I'm not 100% sure of this but I think that some if not all HF retail stores are privately owned franchised stores and the web store is a corporate entity.

    Anyone planning a visit to a HF retail store in the next day or two might want to use this;
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