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    Milwaukee 18 Volt Li Ion


    At that same IBS show Milwaukee released a 18v Li-ion battery that will work on all their exsisting 18 V tools. The weigth was about the same as a 14.4 or 12 v Nicd
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      your point?

      the drill motor was designed for an 18v battery. An 18v battery weighs more than 14.4 and 12volts. If you put this miracle battery on the 18v drill what you will have is a top heavy tool that could hurt your wrists.

      you can change the battery and let it run longer, but it will still perform and do everything like an 18v drill.


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        donut boy,

        You know these tools are unsafe and unbalanced and they are not even out yet. I would like to make an appointment to come and have my future read and also would like to know which stocks to buy the year after next. If possible could you let me also know what my next girl will look like?

        Milwaukee batteries can be put on most of their tools from the front or back. This allows the users to adjust their balance to their own comfort. that you would arbitrairly <sp? deny your workers the benefits of less weight and fewer trips up and down a lift or scaffold without even trying one or seeing one is something I personally can't understand.

        This is a Ridgid web site and i try to post in such a way to respect the feelings and sensabilities of Ridgids cordless tool owners. However its also a tool discussion site that requires accuracy in tool evaluations. Outright dismissal of a tool based on its balance when you have not even held one is probably not considered an even evaluation. MHO
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