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  • JobCast - the RIDGID Professional's PodCast

    Can't make Orlando for the 2006 International Builders' Show? The RIDGID® Jobcast will bring the show to you.

    Broadcasting live from the RIDGID® Professional Tools booth IBS on January 11-13, Tom Kraeulter of "The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show" and Leslie Segrete of TLC's hit series "While You Were Out" will share show highlights, interviews with experts, and great jobsite tips.

    You'll find a daily schedule of topics at Jobcast guests will cover the spectrum from people who develop and market today's hottest tool innovations, to the pros that make them pay in the field and the editors who scan the horizon for trends and ideas. Jobcasts will also include drop-in guests - showgoers sharing their firsthand impressions.

    You can enjoy Jobcasts daily at January 11, 12 and 13 after 1:00 p.m EST by listening directly from your computer or downloading the shows to your portable MP3 player or iPod.

    Tune into the RIDGID Jobcast - the Professional's Podcast. Get the inside story from IBS, straight from the sources that count.

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    I'm gonna be in soooo much trouble ! !

    So, you got so excited about this that you posted it twice? Newbies! ! Sheeeesh.
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      yeah just in case someone doesnt see the post under the woodworking section. wanted maximum exposure. Hey I am allowed to flood the board with posts... I am the administrator.


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        Originally posted by Josh
        I am the administrator.

        10 characters
        "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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          Enjoyed the JobCast(s). Wish their was a site out there that covered IBS the way they cover CES. I want to see the new Ridgid router and the DeWalt 36 volt tools first hand. Are there plans for more JobCasts? Or was that an IBS only deal?
          I don't work for Ridgid and I don't work for Home Depot but I likely know more about both than someone who works at either.


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            Hey Josh,

            Have you thought about setting up a permanent thread where we can pass our suggestions direct to you, such as what features we might like to see on the forum or improvements we might suggest, or do you read each and every section of the forum?

            I would like to see a new window automatically come up when I launch someones attachment instead of it continuing in the same window. I keep closing the forum out !!

            Also, one has the opportunity to mark a section of the forum as " READ ", but when I return to the rest of the forum to continue reading other new posts, it takes me to the forum section I just marked as read instead of taking me to the entire forum.

            It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.


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              I pretty much try to read the new posts that go up for the day.

              The new window/ same window debate has been raging for forever in forums outside of ridgidforum. There are arguments for both sides as to which is better. vbulletin has defaulted to open in the same window so people dont get a milliion windows open. It took me a while to get used to this feature because I would close the forum completely when I would view and attatchment just like you.

              If I hacked it to work the other way there would be complaints about that so its sort of a loose loose situation.

              Sorry, .... at least we have attatchments now ;-)



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                steelewoodworker, there is a topic area for forum suggestions.

                Suggestion Box
                What would you like to see on our site?
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                  Not to go to far off tagent for this forum and to let my "inner geek" out for a moment....there are 2 things that I usually recommend to people who complain to me about similar items, although they aren't as convenient they are a workaround. (Both apply to bad 'ol Microsoft IE, but that is what many folks use.)

                  1. You can right click on the link and choose "Open in a new window" to open that in a seperate window.
                  2. Microsoft has a option you can download for IE that allows you to use tab browsing, called the IE Toolbar. You can set it to open new links in a webpage to a new tab. Everything is all still in the same window, but each new page is opened under a seperate tab (also includes a pop up blocker that is pretty decent). Each tab can be seen under your address bar and clicking on each tab moves you to each page opened. Pretty convenient to keep from having to many windows open and stay organized. And when you close it closes that tab and not the whole IE session. Can be a bit hard to explain, but worth looking into if you spend much time on the web at multiple sites/pages. This link may(?) take you there:

                  I'll get off my box now and let things get back to actual woodworking talk again. Just thought I might toss those ideas out there for anyone interested. I will put the geek back in his box and get back to making saw dust now.....
                  Still enjoying all 10 fingers!