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Griz G0462 Wood Lathe w/Digital Tach

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  • Griz G0462 Wood Lathe w/Digital Tach

    Was browsing through the 06 Grizzly catalog, and also checked online, and found this new for 2006 wood lathe is priced at $395, looks like a good deal.

    It has a 16" swing over the 43" bed, and comes with a 2 HP motor and a digital spindle tachometer.

    Its got a CI bed and leg set so should be fairly stable.

    Anybody seen this lathe? $395 (plus $89 shipping) seems awful low for a lathe with these features.

    I think the Ridgid lathe was going for close to $350 at one time.

    I'd like to get a lathe, and since the Ridgid is basically MIA from my local HDs for like a year now, I don't see much in the way of support down the road, so I'm staying away from the Ridgid lathe. But sometime this year I would like to get a lathe, and this Grizzly seems like nice one. I have seen the Delta 46-745 Steel Lathe 120V w/1.5 HP Motor which looks similar and is a nice lathe, but the price is about $1500 more. Is there really $1500 worth of additional features and quality in the Delta?

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