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    Went in HF today to look at the ultrasonic cleaner. Just so happened that it was on sale for $27.99, so I grabbed one. I figure if it doesn't work for router bits it will make the LOML happy for cleaning jewelry, so how can I lose?

    So I tried it out on a couple coins, and it cleaned them some but not like I expected. I was only using water as a solution which is what the instruction says to normally use. You can't use any flammable solvent in it but the CMT stuff should be OK. I don't have that yet but might get by there in the next couple weeks. In the mean time I'll try adding some mild detergent per the instructions and see what happens with that. Maybe some Simple Green or one of those citrus based cleaners will work.
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      Will be very interested in how it works. After about 4 hrs cleaning bits/blades, any improvement will be a great help.
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