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Wobbling movement of the chulk (R7120)

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  • Wobbling movement of the chulk (R7120)

    sub: Wobbling movement of the chulk (R7120)

    I am using the R7120 Drill machine.

    With only a few hours of use, I have noticed that the Drill BIt, along with the chulk holder is wobbling around its axis. It is possible that I may have applied some side pressure.

    Is there any chance of permanent damage, shaft bending etc ? Is this a major problem, requiring a replacement or could be solved manually?

    Please comment/suggest on the severity of the problem.
    THanks in advance.

    Btw, I really loved the product and would like to use it for days to come.

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    wobble onr7120 (khan)

    That drill is an excact replica of a metabo. ihave seen a few of the metabo ones in for repair. it should not be that easy to bend the is either a defect or the chuck is not in round.


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      the r7100andther5010 are copies of the metabo,the R7120 is a carbon copy of the dewalt dw130.makes me wonder how ridgid( owt which has the rights to the ridgid name for there power tool division)can have any pride in these models?