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Odd behavior with 18V 3/8" Drill

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  • Odd behavior with 18V 3/8" Drill

    I recently purchased a new 18V 3/8" Ridgid drill and this morning after charging batteries for it I decided to try it out. One thing that is bothering me is there seems to be a lot of spark discharge from the motor. I know it's not uncommon for a brush motor to spark a little, but this is every time I engage the drill there's quite a bit of sparking. Since this is my first Ridgid drill I'd like to "Ask the Experts" if this is normal behavior for my model.

    Any insight offered is greatly appreciated!

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    motor sparks

    The sparking should get a lot less after the brushes break in. you should only have spark when you release the trigger. if there is sparking while the motor is running and it does not stop or become faint in about 5 uses good uses than take it back.