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Milwaukee's New Pneumatic Nailers...

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  • Milwaukee's New Pneumatic Nailers...

    Did anyone hear about Milwaukee's nailer line?

    They look very similar to Ridgid's line, but of course, red instead.
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    Not only do they look like the Ridgid Line but the list the post looks exactly like the list of the 9 features of the Ridgid Air guns.

    Ok heres the comparison: Ridgid List of the features:

    1 Magnesium Housing
    for lighter weight
    2 Tool-Free Depth-of-Drive Adjustment
    accurate depth control to protect work surface from overdriving
    3 Selectable Trigger Allows Contact Fire or Sequential Fire Mode
    for high productivity and precise placement of fasteners
    4 Self-Cleaning Air Filter
    keeps debris out of tool and extends tool life
    5 Tool-Free Adjustable Exhaust with Muffler
    allows you to direct the exhaust where you want it
    6 Internal Piston Catch
    for consistent driving power
    7 Rubber Over-Molded Handle and Trigger
    for increased comfort and grip
    8 Swivel Quick Connect
    for less hose tangle
    9 Tool Hanger
    for convenient carrying while not in use

    ANd the Milwaukee features:

    * Magnesium housings that are extremely light, reducing fatigue.
    * Tool-free depth-of-drive adjustments for precise fastener depth control, preventing overdriving.
    * Selectable triggers providing contact actuation or single sequential actuation modes for higher productivity and accurate fastener placement without having to switch out triggers.
    * In-handle, self-cleaning air filter extends motor life by keeping debris out of power head.
    * Tool-free adjustable exhaust with muffler lowers noise levels and directs exhaust away from user.
    * Internal piston catch ensures the piston is always in the top position for maximum power and velocity on each stroke, preventing misfires.
    * Ergonomically designed rubber over-molded handle and trigger provides productivity and comfort.

    They look a little similar don't they?


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      Do you know that Milwaukee and Ridgid are now owned buy the same company? Some tools are bound to look simalar now,... Hopefully this can bring us the best of both worlds. Otherwise the world will be flooded with useless copies of crap tools. A sign of this happening is the black and decker Nail guns!
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        The similarities are amazing, same models, same features, the only obvious difference with the new Ridgwaukee nailers is the color and warranty.



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          Originally posted by Polar Sparky 1224
          Do you know that Milwaukee and Ridgid are now owned buy the same company? Some tools are bound to look simalar now,... Hopefully this can bring us the best of both worlds.

          Isn't that the point? The tool companies are following the lead set be car companies. IE you can buy a Buick at the Pontiac dealer...but it will be called a Pontiac!

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            It will be interesting to use these tools side by side to see if they are one in the same.
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              Milwaukee announced that they were introducing fasteners along with it.
              I have not seen Ridgid fasteners for theirs.
              Perhaps this is part of being the "premium" brand.
              I noticed that the reds do not have the swivel couplers though.
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                Most Nail guns that I looked at all list close to the same features. If you have ever repaired one, there is not much difference to them from brand to brand. The real test is will they hold up? They may be the same gun on the out side, but milwaukee may have (I hope) put better seals and gasket on the inside the improve life. Has anyone been using Ridgids? How have they held up?
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                  I have purchased and have been using two Ridgid nail guns for the past
                  9 months and using PorterCable nails with no problems. I like
                  them. No complaints.


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                    Milwaukee's Round Head Framing Nailer fires 22° full round head plastic collated nails 2 in. to 3-1/2 in. length and diameters .113 in. to .148 in.
                    I bought the Rigid 350RHA because it will shoot .162 in. diameter. Milwaukee has a 5 year warranty, I got a lifetime warranty. Milwaukee rules Sawzalls.