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Wet/Dry assembly question regarding wheels

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  • Wet/Dry assembly question regarding wheels

    Bought top of line Wet/Dry Vac,have always had a problem with wheels falling off,then the whole assembly falls apart.Instructions say to lighty tap wheels into base.The wheels are seated all the way,but are lose.Assembly came with four screws ,two clips to retain back wheels to axle.Missing hardware or ? I haven't even used it in the last three years.I could glue wheels to base ,but seems a little crude for a expensive vac.Thanks

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    are you able post a picture of it as an attachment or can you tell us the model and make of your shopvac
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      You didn't mention the model, but maybe the wheel mounts are similar. I have the 12 gal vac. (WD1245) and the caster stem must be completely seated in the hole. It takes a good strong "tap" with a mallet to set them at times, although I've managed to push them into position okay. Pushing seems to work okay, and you can hear the stem, snap into position.

      With the wheel flares, it's a little more troublesome. I had one wheel which continually fell off, to the point of major annoyance! I fininally put a single thichness of electrical tape on the plastic mounting pin and this gave it enough extra, to stay in place.

      As you mentioned, you could glue the darn things on, but like you, I consider that a bit drastic; especially, if I should ever want to remove them for some reason. Try tape or putty and see if that will resolve the problem for you.

      Hope this helps,