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Any opinions on Central machinery joiner?

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  • Any opinions on Central machinery joiner?

    Well was wondering does anybody have a opinion on their 6" joiner.

    Was looking at it or the Ridgid 6".

    BTW I am new here have the 3650 tablesaw new still putting it together.
    And a old 12 BS craftsman and a home made router table plus the PC routers need suggestions on Thickness planner and joiner.

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    I've got a Grizzly that's similar to the Ridgid. I don't own the HF Central Machinery unit, but have never been overly impressed by it in the stores. That said, alot of people buy it on sale for < $200 and claim it works well enough to tolerate the fence and other rough features. While I don't believe it's in the league of the Ridgid or Grizzly, it sounds like it's better than a benchtop and better than nothing if the tool budget is tight. Plus HF's return policy is pretty good...especially if you're near a retail store.


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      There have been so many mixed reviews on this jointer that it's probably a luck of the draw kind of thing. Many have reported that its a great buy for the money while others claim it's junk.

      You can probably expect it to be a moderate to royal pain to assemble but once asembled and aligned it should be just fine for edge jointing at least.

      There are certain tools that Harbor Freight sells that consistantly make peoples "HF Gems" list. You rarely see anyone claiming their jointers are gems.
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        Thanks to both.

        Will look into the ridgid maybe.
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