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cost of ridgid lathe

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  • cost of ridgid lathe

    I just got a wl1200ls ridgid lathe from my brother in law and was wandering how much is a far price to give him for it. it is like new but like four years old. i dont want to pay to much or rip him off either(sense he lives next door, ha,ha) thanks

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    IIRC, when Ridgid discontinued their lathe, Home Depot was clearing out brand new ones for something like $99. Tough call on what to give him, relative and all, but I wouldn't be too generous. Most reviews on that particular lathe weren't very positive.

    BTW, are you familiar with the Bucktale Inn on Hwy H off of 70 between St. Germaine and Eagle River? Is it still around? I used to vacation in your neck of the woods and we'd eat there quite regularly. The food was excellent and the owners, Lon & Deb Millard, were very nice folks.
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      thans dave

      i think ill give him a hundred and fifty bucks sense the knives came with it too. i think that bucktale inn sign is still there but maybe not. ive never have been there but will have to try it now if its still open. thanks for your input on the lathe, that puts my mind at ease alittle. thanks