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roybi 18 volt miter saw sale. $39.00

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  • roybi 18 volt miter saw sale. $39.00

    i was just at my local home depot and came across a 18 volt ryobi miter saw for $39.00. it has a 8 1/4'' blade with dust bag and hold down clamp. the regular price was $99.00.

    ryobi has stopped including the battery and charger on most of their tools.

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    I wonder why it is priced so low, must be discontinuing them. A cordless miter saw could be useful. Of course it needs to be accurate. I saw them too the last time I was in HD but since I don't have any other Ryobi 18V tools didn't give it too much thought. It did make me think about 'upgrading' to an 1/2" 18v drill, but I looked at the drill and I don't think the chuck is as good as the one on my older 14.4V drill, plus the difference in weight was significant, like almost double. I did notice that Ryobi has a vehicle charger that will work with ALL their cordless batteries from 7.2 to 18V. It's part of the One+ line, but I went online and found the manual and it specifically says it can be used to charge 14.4, 12, and 7.2V

    Ryobi's One+ 18V line is modeled a little differently than the others, its modular in a sense so that you can buy the basics; a drill motor and circ saw with flashlight, charger and a pair of batteries; then add on what you want from their selection of something like 18 or 20 tools from the series. Of course they offer the kits with various numbers of tools. I have to wonder who might use some of the tools that are included in some of the cordless tool lines from Ryobi, Sears, Skill, etc. In some instances they offer a tool that looks like it could be useful, and some that I just can't see the reasoning behind them. An 18V laminate trimmer or router? The battery weight must make the thing very top heavy, sounds like trouble to me.

    I have a Ryobi 3/8" 14.4V drill and saw that I have had for about 5 years now and they are still going strong with the original batteries. Admittedly I use them as intended, around the house not on the job where I doubt they would hold up long. But in the woodshop I like the lighter weight of the 14.4V drill for light drilling and running screws. On the job various contractors I have worked for have their preferences, Overall, I like the Ridgid line of cordless tools based on the limited time I have used them so far.
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      I still hang on to my 14.4 ryobi drill, always liked it. I've just gone through so many batteries. It's good to have around the shop where I can keep the batteries charged.

      I was going to buy more batteries but went for the Ridgid combo during HD Xmas sale.

      I don't know how Ryobi's new 18v batteries hold up. When my ryobi batteries were brand new I could saw about 16 feet of plywood before the battery gave out. Handy for small jobs only.

      So far I've charged my Ridgid batteries once when I opened the box. I'm waiting to see how long they go. I'm not working a lot right now but they're still going strong.

      The mitre saw would be a good deal if you owned 18v batteries for it. Ryobi should make an adapter so you can put a ridgid battery on it. Yea, that's the ticket!


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        I have the Ryobi 8pc set and have not had a problem with any parts of it. I use them in the woodshop and for home repair jobs. I am going to check into that miter saw for sure.
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          I bought the 18v Ryobi drill during the after turkey day sales and have had no problems with it thus far. It came with 2 batteries and charger. I brought it home and charged up the batteries and have been using it for small projects since. I am still on the first battery and have not yet had to recharge anything, although I admit I probably only use it about 1 hour per week.

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            i know that some one from work got a ryobi kit from hd and had to return different tools from the kit . he did this about 6 times in 2yrs time and got a new tool each time.the 7th time he went back he took all the tools back to return them.they let him pick a different brand he took a dewalt kit and had it for 3yrs and no problems with it.
            i am not selling dewalt , i had my problems with this to . another co worker has ryobi and all his battery's are bad , this is because he runs the battery's down until the drill just about stops. i tell him every time i see him do this that he is going to kill his battery's . he tells me
            i know i just had to get this finished
            its to far to get another battery
            . in the dewalt book it tells you when the battery starts to slow down to stop and charge it after it cools down . i do this and the all last a long time . and i use them just about every day

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              I had one of the earlier cordless miter saws from ryobi when they first came out about 2years ago. It works great provided the battery is fully charged and the blade is sharp. Be careful though, Once the battery starts to go the blade slows down and will grab you materials and throw it. (watch your fingers). If all you're going to use it for is small jobs its o.k.


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                I was in HD this afternoon and they have the 5pc set (drill/circ saw/light/recip saw/vac) on clearance for $139. Just last week the 3pc drill/circ saw/light set was $119. The big 10pc set was like $249 or 279, forget exact price as I wasn't really interested. I wonder why all the Ryobi stuff is on clearance? Must be bringing out a new line. Maybe 18V Lithium-Ion. Would/could they be abandoning the 18V One+ line so soon? It just came out Fall 2004 didn't it?

                Like a buddy of mine says: "Upgrade now before its too late."
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