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  • My Chuck is Stuck

    My drills keyless chuck is stuck in a wide open position I have used the Drill maybe 2 weeks total but bought it a year ago. Anyone have a fix for this problem?

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    Try lightly tapping it on the sides with a hammer.
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      The problem i had with mine was a drill bit getting stuck in. The chuck would jsut spin and the teeth wouldn't move. I took it to a service center and they had it fixed in a few minutes. I did call and findout if they had 1/2 inch chucks first. I have only had my chuck jam on me one time after that but i really torgued it and it came loose. I used my hands and not tools, don't want to damage drill..... Hopefully you have a service center nearby.
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        Get 2 pair of channelocks,put one on the bottom ring of the chuck and the other in the middle of the chuck. hold the bottom one firmly and turn the middle one till the chuck frees up. check the chuck out and if it does it again take it back and get a new one.