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  • question about volts

    what does the voltage of a cordless drill matter? does it deal with just the power of the drill or battery power or all of the above? i purchased a 12 volt ridged cordless drill for use in commercial duct work. will this be enough power and torque for screwing 5/16ths bit tip screws into metal?

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    Your 12 volt drill will install your sheet metal screws just fine. If that was your main use in mind for the tool you probably made a good selection. However if you also intend to set a lot of anchors, drill a lot of holes into steel or concrete or large holes into wood then you might wish you had more umph.
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      That depends on the ducts as well, at the Hospital I'm working at they all use corded drills, since some of the ducts are as thick as the wall studs. If you ever have to driver screws into metal studs then you'll wish you at least had 14.4 volts. I have the Ridgid 18v Impact driver and even my friend, who is a Die hard dewalt fan, loves using it.
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        i do my share of metal duct ,i have a dewalt 18v hammer drill that i use for a lot of different things. if i was to do a lot of duct i do not want this drill, i would us a 12 or 14 v drill it is lighter and still will have enough power and run time for that type of job .

        i have not seen the impact driver used on a job yet but still looking.

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